Tianlong Optoelectronics (300029) said in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's interactive and easy-to-answer investor question that the controlling shareholder of the company reduced its shareholding of 1 million shares on November 27, and the company did not announce it because it did not meet the disclosure criteria.

Tianlong Optoelectronics announced on December 10 that the controlling shareholder Changzhou Noah Technology Co., Ltd. reduced its shareholding of 3 million shares on December 6, 2013, holding 43.09 million shares before the reduction, and holding 40.09 million shares after the reduction.

Changzhou Noah Technology Co., Ltd. announced the reduction plan on September 25, and has not released other reduction announcements as of December 10. As of the end of the third quarter, Changzhou Noah Technology Co., Ltd. holds 44.09 million shares of Tianlong Optoelectronics.

WS2813 digital led trip is double signal transmission led pixel strip.

This is the special function of WS2813- Break-point resume.

that it means when one of the led bead was broken,the next led will still working.

With this function, the WS2813 is more suitable the large projects than other IC.

The more fast transmission rate and 256grays, the WS2813 Digital LED Strip is the first choice for large projects.

WS2813 Digital LED Strip

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