Model NO.: 44/56
Particle Size: 200mesh Normal
Model: 44/56
Package: Vacuum Sealing Pack
Chemical Formula: Li Si
Rechargeable: Non-Rechargeable
Usage: Electric Bicycle, Mulitary Battery
Discharge Rate: No Value
Shape: Powder
Trademark: Gelon
Transport Package: Vacuum Sealing Package
Specification: different size
Origin: China
Lithium Silicon Alloy--Li-Si alloy widely used as anode materials in thermal battery:
Appearance: Dark grey metallic shine

CAS NO.: 68848-64-6
Formula: Li-Si
Appearance: Dark grey metallic shine

SampleLi-SiClientNo: 126
Production date Delivery data
Weight(Kg)5.0SupplierChinese MainlandPackingaluminium foil bag
Elements StandardTesting Value
1Li%44+/- 243.6
3Na%≤ 0.0030.0027
5Fe%≤ 0.0010.0008
6Ca%≤ 0.010.0088
7Mg%≤ 0.0050.0038
8Al%≤ 0.0050.004

Packing: Vacuum aluminum foil plastic bag and put dry steel drums.

Transportation: Hazard class 4.3, UN No. 1417

For the granularity, it can produce according customer's request

Application: Mainly used as negative material for thermal battery

We have other thermal battery materials:

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