Although China is not at the forefront of technology in the field of smart grids, huge market demand will make China one of the countries with larger shipments worldwide. The National Grid Corporation of China announced a ten-year strong smart grid construction plan that China will basically build a strong smart grid by 2020.

At present, the biggest challenge in the smart grid market is standards. Although countries are actively involved in the research and development of smart grids, how to achieve interconnection and how to ensure the quality of grids after new grids such as solar and wind energy are connected to generate electricity? With efficiency, how power operators, power equipment manufacturers, and intelligent power equipment manufacturers can play on their advantages in the same wide range of smart power grids is a big challenge, achieving a wide range of power grid demand, power usage data, Remote management also needs to be based on uniform standards.

Experts in the industry stated that when considering the construction and transformation of smart grids, it is first necessary to sort out the business processes of the grid companies, carry out business transformation and management changes, and start with regions and businesses with more mature conditions. For the intelligentization of the transmission grid, selective pilots should be made conditionally and closely integrated with new construction and transformation. The smart grid is not a fixed and static solution. The grid company should adjust the smart grid to suit its own situation according to its own business goals and the key issues that need to be solved.

Although the construction of a smart grid will face many difficulties, the prospects of smart grids are promising. Compared with traditional grids, smart grids look more like the Internet and can access large amounts of distributed clean energy, such as wind power and solar energy, and integrate and utilize various information of the power grid for in-depth analysis and optimization to make the grid more complete and in-depth. Insights to achieve real-time decision making for the entire smart grid “ecosystem”. A few days ago, Deutsche Bank released a report titled "Exploring Wind Power and Solar Power in China," noting whether China's ability to achieve the targets set for wind power and solar power generation in 2015 and 2020 will depend on whether the large-scale new transmission capacity can be built successfully. . According to Deutsche Bank, “In order to achieve rapid new energy deployment, China must build a large number of power grid transmission network expansion projects to support the development goals of wind power and solar power generation.”

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