The State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) recently released the results of the national supervision and inspection of the 28 categories of product quality in 2011. Among the 95 models of refrigerator products, 4 were unqualified, mainly due to the failure of energy efficiency grades. "Daily Economic News" reporter in the home appliances to the countryside information management system website to find related products and found that the energy efficiency level of substandard products are in the home appliances to the countryside directory. In the eyes of people in the industry, the "virtual standard" of home appliances to the countryside is serious.

Among them, Zhejiang Boke Electric Co., Ltd. is a substandard power consumption, while the products of Dongguan Qisheng Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qisheng Electronics) and Henan Unified Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the unified electric appliance) are directly due to the “virtual standard”. . In the testing of the National Compressor Refrigeration Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the nominal acoustic power consumption and energy efficiency rating were nominally rated at Level 1, and actual measured at Level 2. Uniform appliances were rated at Level 2 and measured at Level 3.

The reporter learned from the person familiar with the relevant test that the above-mentioned relevant organization's test results in "nonconformity" are based on the externally declared parameters of the inspected product itself. Such as the odd sound electronic this BCD-208QG208L model refrigerator, the parameters shown as "national approved energy efficiency level 1", the average daily power consumption of 0.38 degrees.

The reporter then called Qisheng Electronics. A person who claimed to be an after-sales service said that they had been informed of the above situation. He revealed that it was not their initiative to “virtualize” that the product was in line with Class 1 energy efficiency when it was first launched. This problem arises because of the turbulence in the company. It is understood that the original team of the wonderful electronic refrigerator department was basically replaced at the end of last year. The person said that the follow-up team is difficult to reach the previous height.

Unqualified products are all "home appliances to the countryside"

The reporter found that the above four substandard products belong to the "Home Appliances to the Countryside" winning product.

Liu Buchen, an expert in the home appliance industry, believes that the main purpose of Qisheng Electronics and other home appliance companies is to seek greater market interest.

Today's consumers favor energy-saving products with low energy consumption and low power consumption. The “energy efficiency label” on products is the most direct reference factor. In the projects of “home appliances to the countryside” and “energy-saving benefits” pushed by the state, there are rigid requirements for the energy efficiency standards of products.

The above-mentioned bizarre sales people denied this. He said that Qisheng Electronics made this product profitable through home appliances to the countryside. He estimated that there was no sales of 10 million yuan, and "this product has long been discontinued."

According to the relevant provisions of home appliances to the countryside, if the manufacturer’s successful product fails to meet the standards and requirements established at the time of bidding and shoddy, etc., the qualification of the model product will be disqualified to cancel the qualification of the product and cancel the qualification of the product and the next time Going to the countryside to bid for qualifications, and partially or fully deduct the performance bond.

" Void" highlights regulatory defects

It is understood that because the energy efficiency labeling system adopts the implementation mode of “self-declaration and filing by producers or importers, and government departments strengthen supervision and management”, various data on energy efficiency labels are marked by manufacturers themselves. It provided a hotbed for the "virtual standard" of the company.

According to Lu Jiebo, deputy secretary-general of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, "virtualization" appears more in small and medium-sized home appliance companies. "The volume of small and medium-sized enterprises is small, and the loss is relatively small, because the cost of speculation is very low."

The data show that according to the current "Energy Efficiency Labelling Management Measures," the "virtual standard" is only punished by "local energy conservation management department or local quality inspection department ordered to correct and stop using the energy efficiency label within a time limit; if the circumstances are serious, the local quality inspection The department shall impose a fine of up to 10,000 yuan."

Liu Buchen stated that "virtual standard" has become the unspoken rules of the household appliances industry, and being "virtualized" is not only energy-efficient, but also indicators such as TV size, refrigerators, and washing machine capacity.