August 21, 2014 --- NPD DisplaySearch found that in the current 4K TV panel supply industry, panel manufacturers in South Korea, Taiwan and China have different product strategies for low-profile 4K panels. Korean manufacturers (using LG Display's M+ and Samsung Display's Green 4K as an example) focus on reducing the cost of 4K 60Hz panels arranged in RGBW sub-pixels; while Taiwanese manufacturers (especially Innolux) focus on reducing cost optimization for integrated solutions For example, the T-Con (Timing Controller) with RGB 4K 60Hz panel is equipped with a solution that integrates MEMC (Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation) and SR (Super Resolution) functions.

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With the trend of 4K TV becoming more popular, NPD DisplaySearch has observed that the IC industry will usher in the following changes:

4K T-Con (Timing Controller) with MEMC and SR function set

NPD DisplaySearch observed that some panel makers will begin to actively promote their 4K 60Hz 4K TV panel with integrated T-Con solution. This solution will be widely welcomed by secondary TV brands and manufacturers, but whether there will be more Chinese and international TV brand manufacturers to adopt this program is worthy of attention. To date, Tier 1 brand manufacturers have tended to build and control electronic related engineering solutions, including the designation or purchase of pure T-Con functional components.

Because they still tend to target 4K TVs to high-end products, they are expected to enjoy higher premium sales. Therefore, they tend to use MEMC independently on their respective TV video boards to enhance the signal processing of 4K TVs. However, we predict that in order to achieve sales targets and consider market competition, some of the Tier 1 TV brands will also consider the integrated T-Con solution provided by panel makers to incorporate the low-profile 4K product line at a lower price. Sell ​​4K TV.

Low-cost 4K TVs are popular, promoting changes in IC suppliers

Based on different 4K TV panel supply, we believe that not only TV manufacturers, IC suppliers will invest more resources in 4K panel and 4K TV electronic software related projects unless they are satisfied or willing to be limited or single 4K Panel supply chain and 4K TV single chip resource limit. Next year, 4K TV will not only be distributed more widely in China or even in the global market.

When 4K TV will become more commoditized, it is worth noting that the world's top TV brands will also join the low-end 4K TV market. NPD DisplaySearch analyzes that they may choose to take the following scenario:

a. Use Korean or Chinese panel manufacturer RGBW 4K 60Hz panel, TV brand self-built or outsourced and control 4K electronic related engineering solutions (including MEMC), including specifying or purchasing pure T-Con functional components

b. Using the panel panel manufacturer RGB 4K panel, equipped with cost-effective integrated T-Con solution (with MEMC and SR integration)

c. Use any 4K panel (with pure T-Con function components, not limited to RGBW or RGB 4K panels), with a price-competitive 4K 60Hz single TV chip with MEMC integration solution from TV IC suppliers.

All three solutions can reduce the cost of 4K TV, but they involve different business models and relationships with TV panels and IC suppliers.

China's new semiconductor manufacturers enter the 4K TV market

While some panel makers are promoting the sales of RGB 4K panels with integrated T-Con solutions and aggressive pricing strategies, we have noticed that with the rise of China's 4K TV market, Chinese IC manufacturers are actively entering the 4K signal processing market, including R&D. A 4K 60Hz single TV chip with MEMC integration solution. Among them, the Hisilicon Semiconductor Company of China Huawei Group is the most active and prominent, and its 4K single TV chip is about to be mass-produced. China's rapidly emerging IC manufacturers are using China's local advantages to actively enter the Chinese 4K TV market.

In the NPD DisplaySearch LCD TV Value Chain and Analysis Quarterly Report Quarterly LCD TV Value Chain & Insight Report, we will continue to analyze business models that are likely to promote the commercialization of 4K TVs in the next few years, as well as between panel, TV brands and IC vendors. How the competition will change the 4K TV market. We have also begun tracking the shipments of 4K TV panels and their shipments to TV manufacturers' plans, such as the following value chain charts.


Figure 1. 2014 4K LCD TV panel value chain

We believe that product planning awareness and supply chain selection of Tier 1 TV brand manufacturers are still a key factor affecting the future development of 4K panels and IC vendors and the development of competing business models. However, with the rise of secondary TV brands, especially the development of low-end 4K TVs, the future 4K panel and IC product line planning is going to be more divergent or gradually returning to convergence. It is worthy of attention in the industry supply chain industry. The global 4K TV market may be Will change.

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