After the Wenchuan earthquake, the power equipment in the disaster area was severely damaged, and the lighting power could not be solved temporarily. After learning about this situation, the 061 base Meiling Chemical Plant decided to change the zinc-air battery used for the beacon light to the tent lighting equipment to support the disaster area.

The disaster is the order. Zinc Air Battery Company, which is responsible for battery production, quickly planned and organized production.

Zinc air batteries with better navigation light effects are used for tent lighting. The more difficult ones are the reconfiguration of lamp holders, bulbs and lampshades, and some components are not available in the Zunyi market in Guizhou. To this end, the company urgently contacted the Shanghai Aerospace Survey Team and other units to obtain 750 sets of related products without compensation. The lamp and the bulb were solved, but what about the lampshade? It took too long to re-open the stamping lampshade. The designer solved this problem by accidental discovery, which was replaced by a stainless steel plate. In order to catch up with the time, the employees of the 3 workshops of the factory responded positively and worked overtime overnight, carefully changing one dish into a beautiful and compact lampshade. The staff of the Logistics and Transportation Department specially assisted Zinc Air Battery Company to purchase battery materials and organize the outbound transportation of lighting equipment to ensure that the zinc-air battery will bring light to the disaster area as soon as possible.

It is understood that the first batch of 30 zinc-air lighting equipment was sent to the disaster-stricken medical team on May 16. The second batch of 20 units was sent to the Red Cross Society of Zunyi City on May 17. The third batch of 100 units was sent to the Zunyi Civil Affairs Bureau on May 20. The 200 reserve emergency batteries were also completed on time and are being shipped to the disaster area.

Lighting industry protects earthquake-stricken areas
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