"Feng Shui rotation" is the mantra recently in the home appliance circle, this is because of the collective loss of Japanese appliances and the rise of Korean appliances this year. According to a survey, the ranking of Samsung in South Korea jumped from the eleventh place last year to the fourth place now. In fact, in the automobile circle, Hyundai Kia from South Korea is also rapidly developing, and the global ranking has risen linearly. The successful experience summed up by the industry for Korean companies includes this one: imitation plus innovation.

Kia's third-generation Sorento is equipped with a UVO in-vehicle information system, which can be regarded as a classic annotation of this model. In the automotive industry, Kia is not the first manufacturer to introduce a similar system. Brands such as Toyota and General Motors have already taken the lead. But Korean companies are good at absorbing the advantages of other competing products, at the same time adding new content according to market demand, and finally capturing the hearts of consumers with the most comprehensive and convenient functional features.

This is the case with the UVO system, which includes services such as emergency rescue, vehicle diagnosis and problem consultation, related vehicle care, periodic inspection reports, and stolen vehicle tracking. The operation is also very convenient. After downloading and installing a UVO software with a smartphone, you can easily operate the above functions. For example, the owner can press the phone button to start, shut down the engine, switch the door and air conditioner remotely.

In fact, these contents are not unique to Kia, but the new content loaded by Kia makes consumers shine. For example, finding a car in an underground parking lot is like looking for a needle in the sea, but the owner of the UVO system can remotely turn on the double flashing lights or horn of the vehicle through the buttons of the mobile phone, making the search job easy. Even more impressive is its anti-theft function. If Sorento equipped with the UVO system is stolen, the system can remotely reduce the speed of the vehicle until it stalls, and then lock the engine so that it cannot start. Some people joked that with this feature, the annual theft and rescue can be eliminated.

What makes this model competitive is the more affordable prices for Korean products. For example, Samsung ’s smartphones offer more attractive prices at the same time as they have more functions than Apple ’s products, thereby sharing Apple ’s cake. Similarly, the annual cost of carrying a UVO system is cheaper and more cost-effective than competitors at the same level.

The third-generation Sorento provides two engines. The maximum power of the 2.4L MPI gasoline engine is 174ps / 6000rpm, the maximum torque is 23.1kg.m / 3750rpm, the maximum power of the 2.2L turbocharged diesel engine is 197ps / 3800rpm, and the maximum torque is 44.5kg.m / 1800 ~ 2500rpm. At the end of the year, a 2.4L GDI gasoline direct injection engine will also be introduced. At the same time, the entire system has added an active energy-saving driving system to meet the needs of energy conservation and environmental protection.

The interior configuration is guided by comfort. The central control display integrates functions such as Chinese voice navigation system, car Bluetooth hands-free system, and rear camera back-up screen display. The roof of the car adopts a whole-piece electric sunroof sunshade, which is convenient to start and has a wide field of vision. The driver's seat can be adjusted in 10 directions, and the co-pilot's seat also uses a 4-way electric adjustment. The seat heating and seat ventilation functions of the first row of seats are all three-stage designs, which are more user-friendly, and the steering wheel also has a new heating function.

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