LED lighting tubes are increasingly favored by Thai consumers, as more and more companies join the competition in the LED lighting tube market and the price drops.

At present, the average price of LED lighting tubes has dropped from about 6-7 times that of ordinary lamps three years ago to about 2-4 times. Some LED tubes, especially LED tubes with no more than 8 watts, have prices close to those of ordinary lamps. In addition, due to the energy-saving characteristics of LED tubes and their longer service life than ordinary lamps, the government departments promoted energy conservation and encouraged the use of LED tubes instead of fluorescent tubes, prompting SMEs and some consumers to switch to more LED tubes. LED tubes are used in factories, farms, or new homes or apartment renovations, because it is considered more cost-effective to install LED tubes in the long run.

According to the Kaitai Research Center, the above various factors are expected to drive the demand for LED lighting tubes in Thailand to increase substantially, and promote the continuous growth of the LED lighting tube market. The Kaitai Research Center predicts that the market value of LED lighting tubes in 2016 is expected to increase from 3.73 billion baht in 2015 to 49.8-51.5 billion baht, which will increase from 27.7% in 2015 to 33.5-38.1%. In 2016, the total value of the lighting tube market will reach 219.7-223.8 billion baht, which is 6-8% higher than the 20.72 billion baht in 2015. The market value of LED lighting tubes is expected to reach 23.0%. .

The Kaitai Research Center predicts that if the proportion of households and enterprises replacing LED lamps instead of ordinary lamps accounts for 10% of all lamps, it will save Thailand's annual electricity consumption of lamps by 8.19 billion baht. 5.9% of all lighting costs. If the proportion of LED lighting tubes can be changed to 50% of the existing lighting tubes, the annual electricity consumption for lighting can be as high as 40.994 billion baht, accounting for 29.4% of all lighting expenses.

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