Microcontrollers (MCUs) are widely used in various industries, such as various home appliances, industrial automation, real-time control, data collection, etc., in order to meet the real-time (RealTIme) control and rapid response required for industrial control, MCUs are mostly equipped. RTOS (Instant Operating System) operates. With the rise of the Internet of Things, the software industry has also joined the Internet of Things for RTOS, in order to advance the core software market of the Internet of Things...

Various processor-specific OS

In the general-purpose processor market classification, in terms of function and execution speed, it is roughly divided into CPU > MPU > MCU. The CPU has the strongest function, mainly used in computer products; the MPU function is second, its application is diversified, mainly used in embedded systems and compact computers; and MCU is based on a single application, applied to various home appliances. Control applications such as electronics, embedded products, wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The MCU integrates a CPU of KHz to MHz level, a memory unit of KB to MB level (RAM and ROM/EEPROM/Flash), an Oscillator (Clock Generator), and an I/O expansion unit. It is a slower system single-chip (SoC).

Due to the small internal storage capacity, large operating systems such as Windows and Linux cannot be inserted into the MCU, and most of the MCUs are used in an instant-controlled environment. Therefore, many RTOSs with low capacity (Real-TIme OperaTIng System; The operating system) has become the main platform for developing MCU software.


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      The front of the product has 2 buttons and 3 indicators. There are two types of button operations: tap and long press.

  • Single tap to control the switch of a single outlet. When it is turned on, the button indicator lights up, and when it is off, it is off;
  • If you press any long press to enter the EZ distribution network, the middle indicator flashes quickly. At this time, you can configure the network according to the EZ configuration method.
  • Note: SK522-WR has a power-down memory function. As long as it remains ON or OFF for 5 seconds, the device will record this status and will return to this state after the next power-on.

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