The problem of global warming is getting worse and the problem of food shortage is getting worse. Therefore, in recent years, LED light source has been used in plant food cultivation, and the establishment of “plant factory” has become a trend. According to the industry analyst of Taiwan Optoelectronics Association, the annual growth rate of LED plant factory lighting output is 62%. Taiwanese factories including Yiguang, New Century, Jingdian and Yuyuan are all cutting into the field of plant lighting in different fields. However, due to the certain foundation of Taiwan's agricultural development and the small domestic demand market, the development of Taiwan's plant factories has been limited. It is suggested that the production of high-living crops can be promoted to enhance the competitiveness of the plant lighting industry.

Plant factory refers to fully enclosed, artificially controlled lighting, temperature, humidity to cultivate crop growth, in addition to reducing water loss, but also through artificial LED lighting and air conditioning to achieve energy-saving effects, currently Japan is actively involved in lighting factory development. According to statistics, as of the end of March 2011, there were 16 semi-manual lighting factories in Japan and 64 in full lighting.

The Optoelectronics Industry Association analyst pointed out that LED agricultural lighting has significant energy-saving effects. According to statistics, in the fluorescent plant plant, the lighting energy consumption is as high as 82%, but the use of LED instead of traditional lighting can reduce energy consumption; domestic Taiwanese factories also enter the plant lighting applications, such as billion light in 2011 with Philips, Japan Mitsubishi International companies such as chemistry have signed a strategic cooperation agreement on LED plant lighting to jointly develop LED special lighting applications.

However, due to the small domestic demand market in Taiwan, the development of unfavorable biotechnology companies, the lack of improvement in the R&D and production management regulations of agricultural biotechnology, and the low human resources for Taiwan’s biotech and agricultural R&D, the Taiwan plant lighting market Failed to make a big leap forward. Therefore, some practitioners suggest that in addition to the government's active support, Taiwan should use the advantages of the original species and the transshipment hub in Southeast Asia to develop high-living products, including vegetables, orchids, Chinese herbal medicines, etc., and rush into the mainland market. At the same time, we use high-tech technologies such as semiconductors to accelerate and improve the production process.

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