In the harsh environment, the strongest instinct is survival; in the fierce competition, the only choice for the boss is to make a profit. There is only one way out in business: making money! So the pressure of the boss is not much bigger than the staff. If you have a job, you can't find a bowl of rice to eat! If you are full, you will continue to do it. If you are not enough, you will leave your boss and squid. As for what is thrown down, there is a boss to pick up and control his ass. Boss and employees, for the loyalty and responsibility of the company, will never be comparable. As a boss, the company is yours. As long as you don't close the door for a day, you can't stop looking for a pot. There are meters today, no one can guarantee that there will always be meters, so even if the boss makes money, there is a sense of crisis. If you don’t make money, it is even more uneasy. As for losing money, the anxiety of the bones can be experienced by outsiders.

Taiwan’s lighting giant Wang Guoguang, when he took over the family’s Yinlin Lighting Company from his older brother, the company was already heavily in debt, and the older brother was also suffering from lung cancer, and soon became alive. The company could have filed for bankruptcy, but the older brother did not want to evade debt and left the world in his name. I had to recruit Lin Guoguang, who is far away from the United States, to support the crisis. It can be said that Lin Guoguang’s operation of this company is for the honor of the family, in order to pay off debts. After the 37-year-old Lin Guoguang took over Xianlin, he sold his house and the property that he could sell. He also saved some cash, and the remaining debt could not be raised. Lin Guoguang found all the creditors to have a meeting and told them that there were only two choices: either to sue, to let his eldest brother go to jail, the money still couldn’t afford it; or to give him six months, starting from the seventh month, Every month is still a little bit until it is paid off. The creditors have repeatedly chosen the second option.

According to himself, in the days that followed, he went to work every morning at eight o'clock, and he always did two or three in the evening. The food he and his wife had was not as good as a small worker. Once on the balcony, looking at the lights at the foot of the house, I really want to jump, and a hundred. But when he jumped, he was liberated, and his debt had to be borne by his wife. He eventually got through his teeth. In this way, he earned money and paid debts. He returned one month and one month. By the time he was 41, he finally paid off all his debts. In the next few years, all the way to kill, eventually became the lighting king, assets of hundreds of millions. In fact, every boss is suffering, no one can succeed casually. When people saw the boss driving a luxury car and went out into the hotel restaurant, they felt that the boss was alive and well.

In fact, since they can survive and develop in the fierce market competition, most of them still have a strong sense of professionalism, hard work, many people even become workaholics, where is the kung fu? They do go out more than the average person, but most of them are also for entertainment, work, and far from the chic. The boss's fun is not more than ordinary people, people's requirements for the boss are higher than ordinary people. Ordinary people commit crimes, such as security guards and self-stealing, staff should be outside, red envelopes, and kickbacks. These things are commonplace. As for the general company, it’s hard to be serious about it. The boss is not the same. If something goes wrong, there is a social impact, and it will cost a painful price. When the boss is easy! The boss has a bloody tears account! If you have a job, you can't find a bowl of rice to eat! If you are full, you will continue to work, eat enough, and leave. As a boss, the company is yours. As long as you don't close the door for a day, you can't stop looking for a pot.

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