Super explosion is also replaced: Intel push new service This is really great news for crazy overclockers. Intel plans to launch a special fee extension service called "Performance Tuning Protection Plan" (PTPP) in the near future. The specific content of this plan is to charge a certain fee, even if it is really overclocking super "explosion", and burned CPU can also be replaced.

The PTPP program was launched as a complement to the normal 3-year warranty service for Intel boxed products. Regrettably, users can only purchase once for each processor. This means that after the second hyperexplosion, there is no way to use the keychain anymore. . At present, PTPP service has been launched on the Intel website and some North American channel retailers: CyberPower, Scan Computers, Canada Computers and Elecrtonics, Altech Computers.

The overclocking processor and specific prices for the Intel PTPP charge extension service are as follows:

- Core i5-2500K: $20 - Core i7-2600K: $25 - Core i7-2700K: $25 - Core i7-3930K: $35 - Core i7-3960X: $35 However, due to processor design in recent years The reason, it is estimated that only players who participate in liquid nitrogen can really use this service...

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