Spring rain should pay more attention to household appliances moisture Why are home appliances likely to "sick" recently?

"When I was using it a few days ago, I couldn't see any signs of "disease," but after only one night, the washing machine suddenly went on strike." On April 1st, he lived in the urban area of ​​Chang'an, Jiayi Garden. Mr. Shen is distressed by this. Please check after-sales service personnel, the original is a problem with the computer board inside the washing machine, after replacement, it returned to normal.

In recent days, Ms. Wang, the citizen, mentioned that the failure of LCD TVs was also a fog. “It was always good to use it a few days ago, but on Friday night, when the TV was turned on, there was a glare on the screen, and then the TV suddenly turned into a black screen,” said Ms. Wang, and afterwards asked the relevant after-sales service agency to check and found that It was the dampness of the picture tube.

"In the recent period, there are indeed many people calling for telephone repairs every day," said a maintenance staff of an after-sales service organization of an appliance company. In these repairs, many problems are sudden. In addition to washing machines, LCD TVs, there are also some air conditioners, hoods or small appliances frequent failures.

The spring season is also a period of high incidence of many home appliances susceptible to "disease." Recently, the reporter learned that in the appliance repair market, with the continuous increase of rain and drizzle, how to prevent household appliances from moisture has become an important topic for many citizens.

Humidity in the air is the main reason. "Spring is a good time for an outing, but it is also a rainy season. Due to the dampness of the interior, many home appliances often become 'sick' and sick." Some home appliance brands in the urban area said that spring More rain, often is more than a dozen days, and the humidity in the air is relatively large, this kind of damp environment will cause the components inside the appliance to be damp and moldy and affect the insulation performance, and then shorten the service life of household appliances.

"If the indoor temperature changes frequently, especially in the spring and summer alternate seasons, the failure rate will increase." An electric salesman in the city introduced, especially the daily preferences of clean citizens, see the home appliances surface area gather some dust, it will use wet The rags are cleansed, but they do not know that doing so will not do any good for home appliances, but will increase their failure rate.

In particular, some washing machines that are placed in the bathroom or bathroom for a long time are a lot of hidden dangers. “A lot of people think that this kind of machine itself is dealing with water, there is no problem in the bathroom, do not want to have a lot of problems,” said the sales staff, now a lot of washing machines use computer boards, if you do not pay attention to moisture problems, It will also be "illnessed."

In order to protect home appliances in rainy seasons, the most effective way is to do a good job of daily moisture protection. The best way is to turn on the power once a day and turn on electricity to achieve the purpose of removing moisture by the heat generated by the body. Some maintenance personnel reminded the general public that maintaining indoor ventilation is also an important task that should not be overlooked. It should be emphasized that after the use of household electrical appliances, do not use a cloth cover immediately, and wait for it to cool before covering it.

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