Although there are already a large number of smartphone health accessories on the market, most of them cannot provide users with extremely detailed health data indicators like the iSpO2 oximeter produced by Masimo. It is reported that the California-based company announced that they will release a small plastic device that can easily detect the blood oxygen content and pulse rate of the human body at this CES exhibition.

According to Masimo, the method of using iSpO2 is very simple. Users only need to wear this white plastic sensor on their fingertips, and then plug the other interface into the iPhone, then the blood oxygen content of the human body can be measured through the corresponding application software. And pulse rate. Currently, the application can be downloaded for free in the App Store.

Spotlight on CES 2013: the first new oximeter compatible with iOS is unveiled

Although iSpO2 is not the first user-level oximeter, it is the first device compatible with the iOS system. Since the iSpO2 oximeter has not yet passed the certification of the US Food and Drug Administration, it cannot currently be applied to the medical field.

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