Carmena Technologies Inc. of Canada's Poetry Province today announced that its latest line of M704-5 GPS tower lights has been put into use. This is a new product of high-intensity solar LED tower lights with 4 to 5 nautical miles of visibility and equipped with a global positioning satellite system synchronization device. This device allows many lighthouses to coordinate the flicker very well.

The M704-5 Global Positioning System Tower Light will be an ideal navigation lighting device for navigation, port and waterways, especially in bad weather. It can output all four color lights (green, red, amber and white) set by the International Atomic Energy Association, and can output more than 200 kinds of flashing modes through program control.

Simon Proctor, commercial development manager at Carmena Marine Lighting, said the new global positioning system provides an important benefit for places where multiple fixtures are required to be installed: equipped with this global positioning satellite system sync tower light By coordinating flashing to indicate waterways and navigational warnings, it helps to improve visibility and make navigation easier and safer. He also said that the upgrade of this product does not require large expenditures. The M704-5 Global Positioning System tower lamp has a small size, low maintenance cost design, and can be widely applied to various navigation assistance and warning needs.
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