OFweek Smart Home Network: Online news about children being unprotected at home, and the resulting incidents of tragedy are everywhere. Many people accuse the parents of negligence, but sometimes as a parent, they are really powerless in this regard. Nowadays, most of the parents of the children are office workers. In the case that the child and the work can't take care of each other, they can only choose to lock the child at home. Although parents may think that this is safe, there are still many unexpected tragedies.

The security window can certainly play a certain anti-theft function from the perspective of security. However, it is sometimes a fatal accomplice for naughty children. How can we make parents safe when they go out and keep their children safe at home? In order to avoid similar accidents, it is necessary to prevent them from happening.

Smart homes hold up a blue sky for children

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, more and more home products have become intelligent and informative. Smart homes are flying into the homes of ordinary people with an unstoppable battle. What applications of smart homes can protect children?

Smart home is mainly divided into home security monitoring system, intelligent lighting control system, intelligent background music control system, high-definition video and audio sharing, digital entertainment living room (television Internet), electrical automation control system, central fresh air system. We mainly look at the home security monitoring system and intelligent lighting control system.

Home security monitoring system

The scope of the child's activities, the monitoring system for real-time monitoring, and the corresponding equipment to send a signal, the window will automatically close, the child can not find the outside of the balcony or window. Some children like to play with wire sockets, and insert metal objects such as tweezers into the electric socket. With the popularity of mobile phones, there are still many children who like to play with chargers. These are the hidden dangers of electric shock accidents. Then, in places where there is power, the monitoring system will predict the child's behavior in advance, and automatically power off the power in time to avoid the possibility of electric shock to the child and create a safe environment for the child. Parents can also remotely monitor their children during working hours. Children have dangerous behaviors and can be blocked by video or voice. Even so, some external factors also make parents nervous. For example, strangers use language to confuse children to open their doors. The child's ability to distinguish is not strong, and it is easy to be deceived. Then the security system will realize its powerful function again. If a stranger invades, the system will pass the image to the video terminal, then access the network camera through the 3G mobile phone and computer, monitor the situation of the target site in real time, and edit and store the image data in real time, and automatically dial 110 alarm calls. Of course, you can also back up the neighbor's phone. When the parent can't appear at home in the first time, the system can seek help from the neighbor through the backup phone.

Intelligent lighting control system

The intelligent lighting control system communicates through the wireless network to realize intelligent control of the lighting equipment. At the same time, it has the functions of intensity adjustment, light soft start, timing control, scene setting, etc.; and achieves safety, energy saving, comfort and high efficiency.

When the parents go out, set the lighting system to automatic mode, the system will intelligently control the lighting in the children's active area; the sensor can be installed in the darker place, and the light will automatically turn on when the child walks into this range. It eliminates the problem that the child can't reach the switch. Parents can also remotely control the status of the light through a local computer or a computer on the network; remote control of the lights or scenes can be achieved via any regular phone or mobile phone. This feature can also be used to simulate the lighting conditions of the owner's home before the parents return to confuse the possible criminals.

The author presses: Although smart home can play a very good role in protecting children, but it is better to let children deal with mechanization and informationization. I still hope that parents can take more time to spend more time with their children. Let their childhood have more fun and less waiting. One more innocence, one less dangerous.

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