In order to support SMEs to enter the ASEAN market, the government will provide up to 70% of the development funds.
All kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai are gradually turning their targets to overseas markets and striving to obtain overseas product orders. However, after investing a large amount of manpower and funds, some enterprises still cannot lock overseas targets suitable for their development. Now ASEAN is undoubtedly a good one. place.

Shanghai Hongchao Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the production of outdoor lighting sources in Minhang District. Minhang District Economic and Trade Commission recently learned that Hongchao Lighting encountered difficulties in opening up overseas markets. According to its actual production situation and the characteristics of its products, it recommended the ASEAN market to the company. Due to the correct positioning of the target customers, In just one week, Red Super Lighting has received inquiries from the 10 ASEAN countries. At present, the company is negotiating with customers in Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries for product export. At the same time, the Minhang District Foreign Economic and Trade Commission also introduced to the Hongchao Lighting the support plan for the “SMEs' International Market Development Fund” jointly formulated by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance. Enterprises can apply to the Shanghai Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department for the SME International Market. Develop funds and receive grants up to 70% of the amount of state-supported projects. This support policy has made Hongchao Lighting have greater confidence in opening up overseas markets.


Market development funds: refers to the government funds used by the central government to support small and medium-sized enterprises to explore various activities in the international market. The funds are mainly from the Central Foreign Trade Development Fund, which specifically supports the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, encourages small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in international market competition, and reduces business operations. Risk and promote the development of the national economy.

According to the "Implementation Rules for the Management of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the International Market Development Fund (Provisional)", the proportion of support for market development funds shall not exceed 50% of the amount required to support the project, for Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. The expansion of the emerging international market, the support ratio is 70%. The development funds will be mainly used for enterprises to organize or participate in overseas exhibitions, quality management systems, environmental management systems, software export enterprises and international market promotion and promotion, development of emerging city taste organization training and seminars, overseas investment (consultation) standards.

There are 4 conditions for applying for funding

It has the legal person qualification according to law, has a sound financial management system and a good financial management record. The export statistics of the previous year were below 15 million US dollars. Shanghai SMEs with import and export management rights can be held from July 1 to 7 each year. On the 31st of the month, in accordance with the support contents attached to the “Regulations”, the application for the next year's project fund plan may be submitted to the SME office or the foreign economic and trade department.