In 2006, Shunde's energy-saving lamps exported nearly 6.2 million, with a value of more than 5 million US dollars, an increase of 25.9% compared with 2005, and the number of energy-saving lamp export enterprises increased from less than 10 to more than 20.

It is understood that last year Shunde export energy-saving lamps companies to keep up with the market situation, timely adjust export sales strategies, and strive to open up new markets, and reduce operating costs through various ways. Despite the increase in export resistance, Shunde's energy-saving lamp exports have achieved certain results.

According to reports, due to the late start of Shunde export energy-saving lamp production enterprises, there are still considerable gaps in the technical and management aspects of the EU's major energy-saving lamp manufacturers such as Philips and Osram. In order to prevent other countries from driving our products out of their markets through technical barriers and non-tariff barriers, in order to avoid other countries repeatedly "swinging" anti-dumping sticks on our products, Shunde export energy-saving lamp manufacturers still need to practice hard. Internal strength."

In the next few years, Shunde energy-saving lamps export should continue to make breakthroughs. Experts from Shunde Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that they should increase technical innovation and reduce production costs; strengthen high-end product development and improve product quality. According to its introduction, most of the export-oriented energy-saving lamp manufacturers in Shunde are still workshop-style operations, and there are widespread phenomena such as high consumption, low output, and low management level. In order to minimize production costs and make export products more competitive, companies should increase technological transformation and management efforts to minimize product failure rates and maximize the utilization of raw materials.