After China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. (CEC or China Electronics) took over the Rainbow Group, the prelude to the optimization of Rainbow Assets has been opened. On July 31, *ST Rainbow (600707.SH) announced that it will sell four assets, which is expected to increase revenue by 200 million yuan this year to reduce losses. Last year, *ST Rainbow lost $1.7 billion.

Specifically, *ST Rainbow will transfer a 5.01% stake in the holding company West Trust Co., Ltd., a 51% stake in the holding subsidiary Rainbow (Foshan) Flat Panel Display Co., Ltd., and part of the company's plant and land through public listing and auction. And property.

Among them, 5.01% of the shares of Western Trust Co., Ltd. will be priced at 245 million yuan as the reserve price, and the net assets of Foshan Tablet Company will be negative. It is proposed to transfer 51% of the shares at zero price. The transferee must undertake the claims of Foshan Tablet Company. , debt and the placement of existing employees of the company.

In addition, the industrial real estate and supporting equipment on the west side of Caiyi Road in Qindu District of Xianyang City will be listed and transferred at a reserve price of approximately 215 million yuan. The transferee shall undertake the resettlement of the employees of the company's CPT production line; *ST Rainbow is located in the high-tech zone of Xi'an High-tech Zone The 28 properties of the garden will be auctioned at a reserve price of 15.7842 million yuan.

In the CRT (CRT) TV era, *ST Rainbow was the leader of China's eight major color tube factories and the largest color tube manufacturer in the country. There is no help but to fall into the era of flat-panel TVs. CRT TVs have been relentlessly replaced by LCD TVs and plasma TVs. The eight major color tube factories in China are also in the mountains, and *ST Rainbow is also being transformed.

*ST Rainbow once planned to launch the sixth-generation LCD panel line in Zhangjiagang, and also invested in the elite R&D team in Foshan to overcome the difficulties of the next-generation display technology OLED. It is a pity that the funds are insufficient and the transformation is not fast enough. Only in 2012, all the CPT production lines were closed, and it was not possible to seize the favorable opportunity in time. Later, the six-generation line project of Zhangjiagang was terminated. Today, Foshan Tablet Company will be liquidated and transferred.

At the beginning of this year, Rainbow Group was included in another central enterprise “China Electronics” (CEC), and Rainbow's industrial transformation and asset restructuring are also inevitable.

*ST Rainbow said in the announcement that according to the needs of the company's industrial restructuring, in order to concentrate on strengthening the main business, revitalizing the stock assets, and reducing the company's operating losses, the sale of the above four assets. These asset transfers are expected to increase *ST Rainbow's 2013 revenue by 200 million yuan, but there is still uncertainty.

Gu Zhihua, director of the Flat Panel Display Engineering Research Center of Fudan University, told reporters that the glass substrate is the highlight of the rainbow. Rainbow can already supply the glass substrate of the 4th generation line and the 5th generation line, but it has not been profitable. In the future, the yield and capacity utilization rate should be improved. . Striving for the supply of larger-sized glass substrates is one of the futures of the rainbow. After all, the two domestic 8.5-generation lines are still mainly relying on the glass substrates of Corning and Japan Asahi Glass.

"Rainbow's energy-saving lamp phosphor business is profitable, but LED is the future direction of the lighting industry. The future of phosphors may not be very good." Gu Zhihua said that Rainbow has LED projects in Shanghai and Hefei, but it has not made any money.

A senior person in the Guangdong tablet industry believes that glass substrates, OLEDs and LEDs were the three roads in front of the rainbow. From the transfer of this Rainbow Foshan tablet company, CEC does not intend to put the OLED project in Foshan. Rainbow was once the only company in China's central enterprises to do display, and now CEC replaced it. CEC has built a 6-generation line in Nanjing through its CLP Panda, and is teaming up with Sharp to launch the 8.5-generation line. From the above, the glass substrate may be the focus of the future of the rainbow.

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