According to Korean media reports, Samsung will launch GALAXY Note 3 with a flexible screen next month and sell it in a limited way. This will be the first time that OLED flexible screen smartphones have entered the market, and the industry believes that this move will promote the commercial application of OLEDs.

At the CES show in January this year, Samsung introduced a flexible display with OLED technology. However, since this display technology for mobile devices has not yet been developed, the limited edition GALAXY Note 3 is likely to use a resin OLED display instead of the existing glass display. According to South Korean media reports, more than a month ago, Samsung Electronics has confirmed its ability to produce flexible tough OLED screens.

According to a person familiar with the report, the flexible screen smart machine that Samsung plans to launch can achieve a certain degree of bending, but it can not be folded like paper, so it can be regarded as a transitional product.

Previously, Korean companies such as Samsung and LG have successively launched flexible OLED TVs, but their price is nearly ten times that of ordinary TVs, and the relatively short life (about 2-3 years) has not been sufficiently recognized by the market.

Compared with TV, flexible OLED is more suitable in the smart phone market - the innovation of smart phone screen is more recognized by consumers, and the price of high-end brand machine 4000-5000 yuan is widely accepted, and the replacement of a mobile phone in 2-3 years Some people are there. These are considered to be the main incentives for Samsung to promote flexible screens in the field of smart phones.

Industry insiders pointed out that Samsung's move is expected to promote the commercial application of OLED.

Previously, the National Development and Reform Commission had publicly stated that it would strengthen guidance and support for the OLED industry. In fact, due to material and cost issues, the commercialization of OLEDs is not smooth, but related companies have been carrying out technology reserves. Among them, BOE has a 2.5-generation production line for special research and development, including oxide OLEDs, and flexible displays. According to reports, its laboratory has developed flexible screen smart machine products, in addition, its 5.5 generation line in Ordos will be put into production in November. Deep Tianma and Rainbow shares are also building OLED production lines. The domestic manufacturers with OLED technology basically have the process capability of flexible screen.

Hu Chunming, director of the Industrial Research Department of the China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association, told reporters that OLED is not difficult to achieve mass production in technology. The key is to look at the needs of downstream customers. Under the promotion of Samsung, if the flexible screen can be recognized and sought after by the market, especially if the domestic mainstream mobile phone brands ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, etc. can follow up in time, strengthen cooperation with domestic panel companies, try to introduce the flexibility of their own brands. Screen products help to spur the OLED market.

At present, OLED has been widely used in mobile phone screens. Previously, mainstream manufacturers including Samsung, LG, and Nokia have used related materials as display screens in their main smartphones. According to relevant statistics, the market size of the OLED display industry will reach 6.2 billion US dollars by 2016. The main display of mobile phones will be the main application. The market size is about 3 billion US dollars. OLED TV will be the second largest application, which is expected to reach 2 billion. Dollar.

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