Relay development in 2011 is optimistic

In 2010, although the number of relay outlets decreased, the export value increased, indicating that the added value of the outlet relays increased, ie, high value-added relays significantly increased their share of exports. The high value-added products in the relay industry have been greatly improved and have gradually replaced imported products in certain fields.

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the relay industry will be in a state of "increasing the trend, increasing the value of the sun, moon, and moon". With the gradual implementation and deepening of China's ten industry promotion policies, the required amount of the relays and the application fields will continue to expand in the consolidation. Traditional electromechanical relays will still maintain a growth rate of no less than 7% to 8%. The development speed of solid state relays will be close to 15%, and special relays will develop at a speed of more than 20%.

China's relay industry will gradually accelerate its transformation from a 'manufacturing powerhouse' to a 'creative powerhouse'. From the export to the domestic demand, export will keep pace with the situation, especially after high-end products have been conquered and raised, the trend of domestic demand will become clearer.

Enterprises in the optimization and upgrading, from doing 'products' quickly turned to 'quality', from 'contributing to the market, orders' to improve the 'profit', 'brand'. Only good quality can have more orders, more market share, and a better brand image, and it can only gain greater profits. Brand image is a necessary condition for sustainable development of enterprises. Starting from 'products' to enhance 'quality', 'quality' to establish 'brand', and embark on the road of brand economic development, companies can cultivate and condense true core competitiveness.

The application fields of special relays such as optical relays, temperature relays, and high-frequency relays are constantly expanding. The technology, quality, and output levels of domestic manufacturing are far from meeting the market demand. Vigorously improve the level of automated testing, increase the manufacturing, assembly automation engineering capacity factor to the world's advanced level, or quickly reduce the gap with the developed countries in the relay manufacturing, process level. Leveraging on the development of new products leverages structural adjustments and opens up new markets.

'Three-network integration', especially the development of the 'Internet of Things' and 4G, will enable new types of relays such as optical relays and high-frequency relays to achieve greater and faster development, becoming new highlights of the relay industry during the '12th Five-Year' period.