We have learned that the prices of 512MB DDR and 1Gb DDR2 chips have started to rise because the production capacity cannot meet the demand.

According to industry sources. The growing demand from the consumer electronics industry, coupled with chip makers to reduce production before the move, the merger of the two sides, has led to the supply of professional DRAM chips.

Sources pointed out that the professional DRAM market was also crippled by the PC market in 2011, and the DRAM market was weak. Oversupply caused more Taiwanese DRMA companies to reduce their production capacity, aiming to reduce the number of professional DRAM chips available on the market.

However, demand in the terminal market gradually picked up, especially in the 512MB DDR segment, which is mainly used for TVs, set-top boxes and network applications. The supply of professional DRAM chips is now tightening, and the shortage is likely to continue until March.

In addition, there is currently a shortage of 1GB DDR2 chips. Some large DRAM manufacturing companies have previously reduced or stopped this type of chip supply.

Hynix Semiconductor is currently the world's largest professional DRAM memory supplier. Other vendors, including South Asia Technology, Winbond Electronics, and fabless companies such as Evotech, Jinghao Technology and others.

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