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On October 14th, according to foreign media reports, Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb said in an interview with the US media that his country’s two major export industries, information technology and paper industry, have suffered, while Apple It is the chief culprit of all these consequences.

When asked about the Finnish business environment after the credit rating was downgraded, Prime Minister Stubb said: "The iPhone has killed Nokia, and the iPad has killed the paper industry, but we will get better."

Since taking office in June this year, the Finnish prime minister has seen Apple more than once as the cause of the country’s economic downturn. In a speech in July, Stubb said: "We have two pillar industries: one is the IT industry, and the other is the paper industry. The president of the Swedish bank has a well-described description that the iPhone has killed Nokia and the iPad Defying forest resources development."

He also taunted at the time, "Steve Jobs took away our jobs and said, 'This is just the beginning of change.'"

The media commented that although Apple is easily targeted by politicians, the company has nothing to do with the plight of Finland. Apple did change the mobile phone industry with the iPhone, but the company is focused on high-end devices, not entry-level phones sold by Nokia. If you consider the price of Android phones, Samsung is more threatening to Nokia's long-term survival. Nokia has sold its equipment business to Microsoft, pinning the company's future on Windows phones.

In addition, the dilemma of the paper industry should not be attributed to the iPad. The decline in the industry has been going on for many years, and the reasons are diverse, including the use of e-mail to replace traditional e-mail, the massive adoption of digital documents, and the reduction in the circulation of papers such as magazines and newspapers. The global shipments of tablet products are only 200 million units, and the iPad, Kindle and other tablets are not enough to destroy the paper industry as Stubb said.

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