[High-tech LED News] Philips Entertainment LED lighting "military factory" added a new light-weight LED console, the product uses intelligent addressing technology, greatly simplifying the installation of LED fixtures, enabling end users to quickly get from Philips PLTR1 Addresses any luminaire within range.

According to Philips, the PLTR1 range includes three different types of lamps: PLTR1W (adjustable white floodlight), PLTR1RGB (3 primary color changing lamps), and PLTR1RGBAW (5 primary color changing lamps with color adjustable devices). Each of these three types has unique channel requirements and distinguishing features.

Lightweight LED consoles can sense different types of fixtures while assigning the correct number of channels. This LED console can also add additional dimmer channels, or you can set the fixture mode, for example to 8 or 16 bits. Light-duty LED consoles are versatile and petite. It makes the process of integrating a wide range of recreational activities or lighting for important event lighting faster and more efficient.

Philips says its light-duty LED consoles can meet the needs of consumers for different dynamic functions, and it is also a product that enables Philips Selecon PLTR1 to reach a wider range of consumers.

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