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Royal Philips Electronics (Philips) today unveiled a new hybrid silicon tuner integrated circuit TDA18271HD that supports multiple standards worldwide, capable of receiving both analog and digital terrestrial signals. This product brings shortened time to market, space saved, high-definition picture quality and significantly reduced cost to the PC-TV market. It can reduce the power consumption of smaller systems based on personal video recording (PVR)-enabled PCs, which is important for portable USB peripherals.

The new silicon tuner has the following features

• Fast and easy design application • Significantly smaller than traditional CAN tuner • Provides a proven, ready-to-use reference design • Suitable for both analog and digital broadcast standards • Ultra-high definition picture quality and video reception • Up to 25% overall material cost reduction • Less than 800mW power consumption • Complies with CENELEC and Nordig specifications

The TDA18271HD silicon tuner can be combined with a channel decoder (TDA10048) and a video decoder (SAA713x) to form a complete low energy system for PCTV hybrid terrestrial signal applications. Integrating an analog IF demodulator into a video demodulator reduces the size and cost of the overall system while reducing the cost of the digital television system.

In the TDA18271HD silicon tuner, the RF tracking filter suppresses unwanted signals, and the IF selection and RF output simplify the implementation of cards based on the PVR dual tuner. In addition, according to the requirements of mainstream manufacturers, multi-tuner configuration, loop-through and other features have been added to simplify the link of the tuner.

With a 60dB image rejection, 5dB noise figure and 780mW of low power consumption, the TDA18271HD is the leader in fully integrated silicon tuners.

Price and time to market

Samples of the TDA18271HD are available now. Mass production is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2006.

The price of a single piece in quantities of 10,000 will be less than five dollars.