On December 29th and 30th, 2004, Mr. Yao Mengming had almost two nights in a large-scale project in Henan. On the first day of 2005, he rushed from Shanghai to the ancient town to award awards. Nowadays, due to the schedule is too full, until 1 am on the 2nd, Mr. Yao Mengming took the time to accept an exclusive interview with this reporter.
We can do well too

Reporter: Manager Yao, congratulations on looking for the top ten outstanding figures in China's first lighting industry. The time is too tight, so I have to delay your rest time.

Yao Mengming: It doesn't matter (laughs), everyone said that the lighting must come out at night, only the darkness has lighting, and only the darkness, the lighting is only common in the city, so the evening work is reasonable...

Reporter: You have been designing lighting for 10 years and have won many awards. When was the first design award?

Yao Mengming: The first engineering lighting design award was awarded in 1997 to the global Philips Lighting Design Award. Since the Chinese lighting market was just getting started, this award has had a deep impact on me. We are beginning to realize that although China's lighting industry, especially lighting design, is just getting started, we can make better lighting projects and make world-recognized lighting design works.

Reporter: What other important awards are there?

Yao Mengming: So far, the awards have been mainly the North American Lighting Design Competition Award (IIDA) for Philips Lighting's annual lighting designers worldwide and the Global Lighting Design Competition Award for global Philips Lighting Engineering every four years. Among the awards, in addition to the first design award mentioned above, the most important one is the 2002 North American Lighting Design Competition Award. The winning work is Shandong Weihai Stadium.

This award is not only the first lighting design award for domestic designers in the world, but more importantly, let our domestic lighting designers begin to contact the international lighting design community and begin to understand the latest developments and needs of lighting design in the world. The world began to understand the level of lighting design in China. Let Chinese designers go to the international stage to compete for the high and low.

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