One-Tile 1TB Temptation: Seagate's New 3TB Hard Drive Opens Seagate's new 3TB hard drive "ST3000DM001" has recently begun to appear in the retail market, which is the world's first 3TB hard drive with a single-disk 1TB design, using only a total of three discs.

Thanks to the improvement of the single-disc capacity and the reduction in the number of discs, the ST3000DM001 is slimmer and weighs only 626 grams. Its size is 146.99×101.6×26.11 millimeters, and its power consumption is not as high as 8.0 W, 5.4 W idle, and 5.4 idle. W, standby/sleep 0.75W.

The hard disk uses SATA 6Gbps interface, cache capacity 64MB, speed 7200PRM, the average seek time read does not exceed 8.5 milliseconds, the write does not exceed 9.5 milliseconds, the average read and write data rate 156MB/s, the maximum sustained transfer rate 210MB/s, support OptiCache, AcuTrac, SmartAlign and other technologies.

In addition to the 3TB high-capacity model, Seagate also released 2TB, 1.5TB, and 1TB hard drives, which are also designed with 1TB of single-disc, and are being marketed.

Seagate ST3000DM001 currently retails for 25,800 yen in the Akihabara market, or approximately RMB 2,120. It is worth mentioning that the hard drive is from Thailand, which is still experiencing floods.