The Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology and the Finance Bureau jointly formulated the "Interim Measures for the Administration of Subsidy Special Funds for Semiconductor Lighting Application Projects of Ten Cities in Ten Cities in Ningbo City". According to this method, from 2011 to 2015, the municipal government will allocate 10 million yuan each year, budgets for county (city) districts and administrative committees, and set up special funds for the application of semiconductor lighting in the “Ten City Wanhao” project in Ningbo City. Subsidy and promotion work.

This reporter learned that there are three main areas for special fund subsidies. First, the LED application projects for non-government direct investment within the jurisdiction of Ningbo Municipality shall be subsidized by the application unit at 30% of the total actual application price of the LED product purchase price. Requires road (including tunnel) lighting to be over 100 ;; landscape and public facilities (hospitals, schools, libraries, museums, gymnasiums, shopping malls, underground parking lots, etc.) lighting above 500 ;; indoor lighting above 2,500 ;; comprehensive The total price of lighting applications LED products is more than 500,000 yuan. The second is that contractual energy management companies registered in Ningbo Municipality will be subsidized by contract energy management companies according to 30% of the total amount of LED product contractual energy promotion. Thirdly, the county (municipal) district, the administrative committee, and the city-level competent authority will carry out an assessment of the promotion work of semiconductor lighting application engineering of “Ten Cities, Wanhao”. The assessment will be advanced and no more than RMB 300,000 will be paid for by the award.