Recently, New Zealand issued a TBT bulletin to revise the energy efficiency standards for compact fluorescent lamps and televisions. Upon request, all new compact fluorescent lamps and televisions manufactured or imported in New Zealand must comply with the relevant energy efficiency standards after the new standard is in force. The standard first came into effect on August 28, 2011.

Compared with the requirements of the original standard, the new standard will be consistent with the requirements already in effect in Australia. For example, the minimum energy performance standards and test methods for compact fluorescent lamps will follow the Australian/New Zealand joint standard AS/NZS4847, and the minimum energy performance of TV sets. Standard and energy grade labels, as well as test standards, will follow the Australian-New Zealand joint standard AS/NZS62087. It can be seen that the minimum energy performance standards and test methods of the above two types of products all refer to international standards. For example, the test method of TV sets is consistent with IEC62087, Ed.2.0 (2008), and the method of compact fluorescent lamps is cited such as international. Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and International Commission on Illumination (CIE) standards, etc.

China and New Zealand signed the China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement in April 2008. This is the first free trade agreement signed between China and developed countries, which has greatly promoted the bilateral trade between China and New Zealand. In response to the re-improvement of the standards for compact fluorescent lamps and televisions, the inspection and quarantine department reminded enterprises to take proactive attention to the revision and update of energy efficiency standards for energy-using products at home and abroad, to understand the general trend of changes in international standards, and to upgrade technologies. Innovative ability, timely upgrade products, energy saving and emission reduction as a breakthrough to enhance competitiveness; strictly control product quality, strictly abide by importing country standards and international standards, and occupy the market with high quality product performance and energy saving standards.

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