On the 19th, the 100-year-old Kodak Company formally filed for bankruptcy protection. This company, founded in 1880 and now left behind by the digital wave, is no longer a skill. It will soon become a memory of people. However, after visiting the streets of Nanjing, many citizens and former Kodak enthusiasts still gave the most serious thoughts to the 100-year-old.

The film processing industry in the street printing industry is in a downturn, and washing shops are developing new businesses “Before the Kodak printing shops were often seen on the streets, it is very rare now.” After the Nanjing citizen Chen learned that Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection, he took A little regret, but not surprised. Looking back and forth around 2000, in the streets of Chinese cities, Kodak's printing shops, centered on yellow, can be seen everywhere. Today, there are few.

Founded in 1880, Kodak, as a well-deserved supremacy in the era of film, once occupied two-thirds of the global market share during its peak period. However, the “Yellow Giant” failed to seize the opportunity when digital technology developed, but instead defended its lucrative film business, eventually leading to a continuous decline in competitiveness. On the 19th, Kodak announced that it has filed for bankruptcy protection in New York, "to fight for a liquidity crisis to ensure that the business continues to operate."

Yao Fang is the person in charge of a digital printing shop near Xinjiekou, and at the very beginning, it started from film processing. “In the years when the film became popular, the shop was busy every holiday, and at most the employees did not rest for a month.” However, this scene did not appear after the appearance of a digital camera.

“At the time, there were at least more than 100 Kodak printing shops in the Nanjing market. At present, there are at most thirty to forty, and most of them are small.” Mr. Yang, the person in charge of Nanjing’s largest Kodak digital printing shop, told reporters that they used to The name is called "Kodak Print Shop," but many other Kodak print shops failed to make changes as the market changed.

It was Kodak's first digital camera invented in 1975. After several decades, it put itself on the brink of bankruptcy. The Kodak print shop that relies on film processing to survive is very few nowadays. To survive, it is to adapt to the market. Some print shops that need to develop new business in a timely manner.

"The market needs, we must adapt to this demand." Mr. Yang told reporters that since the digital cameras began to appear on the Nanjing market around 2000, they had new equipment. "Now our photo paper and medicine are It is Kodak. It should continue to be used in the future."

Applying for bankruptcy protection is a big issue for Kodak, but it has little effect on those who have expanded many new businesses.

“In the past, printing was the main business, and now photo albums, desk calendars, and ornaments were produced.” The development of digital technology is another opportunity in Mr. Yang’s eyes.

Kodak's fans bought film to remember their childhood memories. “We have not sold film.” On the 19th, when the reporter found a Kodak washing shop to try to buy film, he got such an answer. "How many people want to buy film? In the morning there is a pair of young people who also want to buy film." The store's staff told reporters that more than one person has already purchased the film.

Ms. Zhang transferred several washing shops and finally bought a box of Kodak film. “I heard that Kodak is going bankrupt. I quickly bought a box of film for memorization.”

Ms. Zhang’s family still has a “point and shoot camera”. Many of her childhood photos were purchased by Kodak film and were taken with Kodak photo paper. “There is a very large album at home. It's a picture of a kid, and the back of each piece has the word 'KODAK'."

Kodak's application for bankruptcy protection opened the door for many people to remember, "carried countless memories of our childhood, and recorded our countless hours of joy." After a netizen learned of the news, he specifically found Kodak's TV commercials relived. Again.

"The film records are always on the computer or on the hard drive. The yellowing memory is always unforgettable. The feeling of turning over a dozen years ago is that the keyboard keys cannot be replaced."

A net friend commented on the commercial after reviewing the commercial. "This is really not just a business, it is an era, a memory."

Sun Jian’s first camera was a domestic film camera purchased at the University in 1996. Today, although the family has already purchased a digital camera, he still retains the habit of using a film camera. "I used it to photograph my family last month." Sun Jian’s “film” complex was revealed on five film cameras kept at home. “Just like many people like film movies, digital photography is not the same in image quality and feel.”

Let Sun Jian regret that he could not buy Kodak film later. "At this moment, don't let it slip away." Sun Jian thought of Kodak's slogan. Now this is what he wants to say to Kodak.

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