Millet 1S youth version of what is intended to publish When you see Lei Jun's microblogging, it seems that the last generation of millet mobile phone youth generation seems to be a short time ago, and now Xiaomi mobile phone 1S youth edition will soon appear in front of everyone. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun today announced on the microblogging will launch the youth version of the millet mobile phone 1S, price 1299 yuan, but the configuration is only open for the time being and the same battery capacity and screen size before, CPU, memory, front and rear camera parameters are reserved for users quiz, prizes Naturally this millet phone 1S youth version. In response to this situation, many netizens have speculated: What was the intention of Xiaomi's 1S Youth Edition before it was put on sale?

First, configure guess According to the previous experience, this 1S Youth Edition should be on the existing 1S on the configuration shrink. The price of 1299 yuan, if we still remember, this price and millet phone 2 before the release of the first generation of millet mobile phone price reduction is the same, only after two months, the same price to buy things change It should not be too big. So the combination of two points, a more reliable speculation is: the young version of the millet 1S may reduce the CPU frequency down to 1.5GHz dual-core and use millet phone 1 generation camera - that is, plus a front camera cam phone 1 generation.

However, if the young version of the Xiaomi mobile phone 1S really use shrinking configuration, marketing seems to be not very wise, because so far, the "young version" of the millet phone is to show the characteristics of "more cheap", if the configuration again When it shrinks, it will inevitably cause the youthful word to change its taste - is it that youth is cheap and without any exaggeration? If Xiaomi thinks of this, the youth version of Xiaomi's mobile phone 1S may have an extraordinary configuration, which also makes this game more meaningful.

Second, why should you have a youthful version?

The timing of the appearance of the youth version is a bit special, between the millet phone 1S and the millet phone 2. The former has opened four rounds of ordering, and now more than half of the past in October, millet phone 2 may be open at any time. At this point in time, squeezing into a youthful version seems a little abrupt.

Lei Jun said that the reason for launching the 1S Youth Edition was because the 1S sales far exceeded expectations. But this seems to be a bit unspeakable. Since 1S is selling well, why not directly increase production 1S, but also come up with a youthful version? Moreover, at this time millet supposedly should enter the stage for the millet mobile phone 2 re-raster, there is no reason to take the other mobile phone to grab the limelight of rice 2, we also consulted Xiaomi's public relations on this matter, but Xiaomi's secrecy measures seem very strict, we Did not find any news.

There is no reply from the official. Unofficial inevitably leads to many speculations and discussions:

1, the pressure needs to stimulate sales?

Anyway, 1299 yuan is still a very attractive low price. Xiaomi created a cost-effective atmosphere from the very beginning, and the appearance of the youthful version also conformed to their style. For consumers, buying a mobile phone at a low price for good value should be recognized by the market. On the other hand, Tianyu and 360 special machine recently launched a 1499 yuan quad-core phone, also makes Xiaomi feel the pressure, 1299 dual-core, plus Xiaomi a degree of attention since more than a year, is a good fight back.

2, clear inventory?

There is a conspiracy theory to guess that Xiaomi wants to empty the remaining material inventory of Xiaomi's mobile phone generation and prepare for the listing of Xiaomi's mobile phone 2. Of course, this kind of thing can't be said without real evidence. Moreover, the configuration of 1S Youth Edition has not been announced yet. This is at best. Can only be a guess, but this time the youth version of the 1S is somewhat related to the millet phone 2 .

3, attract media attention?

A look at the calendar, is already October 17, Xiaomi phone 2 that will be on sale in October, but so far it looks like there is no exact news - in fact, there are still, millet company vice president Li Wanqiang on the microblogging denied Previously rumors opened for booking on October 18. A youthful version comes up in this space. Whether it wants to attract attention or not, it also gives the media a point of coverage. It will not focus on the attention of Xiaomi Mobile Phone 2.

Third, millet phone 2 difficult to produce yet?

And if this is the case, will Xiaomi Mobile Phone 2 be postponed again? On this issue, a number of millet official sources stated that Xiaomi’s mobile phone will meet with everyone in October, but there seems to be no guarantee what day it will be. It seems that after more than a year of experience, Xiaomi is more confident in the production process. It is also imaginable that his own production capacity is improved. After all, the official has always stressed this way, and we have no reason not to believe it.

However, the exact date that has not been announced still leaves people with imaginative space. The reason why the industry is so worried about the productivity of Xiaomi Mobile Phone 2 is that, apart from alleging the various "futures mobile phones," there is an important reason not for Xiaomi itself. But in its CPU - Qualcomm APQ 8064. There are two reasons for this:

1. Capacity of APQ 8064 The productivity of this CPU has always been a concern. And because there is no communication baseband, some people think that this CPU is not originally developed by Qualcomm for mobile phones, and naturally will not be based on the mobile phone market to arrange production capacity, not to mention tablet devices can also be used, both sides together to grab, not enough. Qualcomm's own point of view, the AMD S4 dual-core performance is absolutely sufficient, and the baseband is also available to you. What GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, even LTE support, do not pit you, direct use is not finished, no It is necessary to use quad-core.

No one knows that the arms race in this mobile phone market is fiery. You know that your dual-core is enough, but nowadays, the market is full of mobile phones that use quad-core to sell cabbage. No one can dare to take a dual-core flag as an apple monster. This year is very important. In particular, Xiaomi only has one flagship mobile phone in a year. To support the viewers and rice noodles, Xiaomi must not only pile on the best materials, but also grab the first starters. APQ 8064 is not afraid of baseband, as long as it is the latest and most fierce quad core.

2, although the firmware quad-core firmware optimization progress is strong, but the software has to be able to play a full performance only meaningful, which is what we usually talk about optimization. Before we got the millet mobile phone 2 engineering machine, we can see that it has not fully played out the full power of this chip, and in some aspects it is even less than last year's millet phone 1. Although the engineering machine is to find bugs, but it seems that Xiaomi needs to make his system run completely with this chip. There is still a lot of work to be done. This time Xiaomi claims to be the first to adopt the APQ 8064 chip. There is no ready-made model available for reference before, and the optimization progress may not be as fast as before.

From a marketing point of view, there are several selling points that are understandable, not to mention the millet's insistence on selling only 1999 yuan, which is indeed commendable, but is Xiaomi really ready? Time passed in one minute and one minute, and everyone looked at you to come up with amazing official works.

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