[Abstract] In the future, more artists, graphic designers, architects, animators and game designers will invest in the embrace of Microsoft. From this point of view, Microsoft is successful.

Tencent Digital (Compiler: Mi Ke) As the performance of tablet PCs continues to increase and life time continues to increase, it seems that traditional personal PCs and laptops are increasingly losing their direction of development. Vendors are now also being forced to reinvent the form of the product, especially the direction of computers and desktops to the Tablet PC. If the tablet PC is again greatly improved in the future, will the traditional PC still have a market?

In recent years, shipments of personal computers have continued to decline, and it seems that the market’s demand for this type of product is also decreasing. However, for some special people, there are still some reasons for the desktop's performance advantage. Perhaps the PC will never reach the golden age before, but for fixed users, there will still be a considerable market potential.

At present, for Microsoft Windows computers, Apple has long been a compelling competitor. Many graphic designers, artists, engineers, and animators need large screens, high-performance desktops, and stable systems. Since 2006, the Apple iMac seems to have gradually occupied the desks of these professional users. Windows desktops are not the first choice.

Since last year, Microsoft and its partners have started to fight back. Windows has always been labeled as mediocre and productive. In recent years, the design of Windows products has become more and more fashionable, and there are still some very impressive ones that have started to impact Apple. .

Apple's innovation

Since Cook took over Apple, he has been plagued by lack of innovation and stagnation. Although this is not Cook's intention, but at least for now, Apple's market dominance is being continuously weakened, including the personal PC market, Apple also began to be overtaken by Windows.

For example, Apple's star product, the MacBook Pro, is known for its "updated slowness," and so is the iMac. Apple's updates usually only reduce the thickness and increase the resolution. At present, Apple has clearly defined the boundaries between the iOS system and the macOS system, and there is no intention to combine the two. Although ISO and macOS can work simultaneously, share a payment system, and integrate the same software platform, it is clear that the two systems exist independently of each other.

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro is a big step in this area. In particular, the addition of Touch Bar has enabled MacBook Pro to have touch features. In contrast, many Windows touch all-in-ones only replace the mouse.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Let's take a look at Microsoft's Surface Studio. In addition to the iMac, this is also a full-fledged touch-sensitive machine. This stunning 28-inch all-in-one is also designed specifically for designers, not only looks beautiful, but also equipped with the thinnest display, which is very lethal for users.

When I first experienced Surface Studio, I was completely conquered by its soft hinge design, especially at the point of view that was most suitable for the drawing design. From this perspective, artists can create the greatest works.

Therefore, Surface Studio, with its large high-resolution screen, powerful processor and touch features, allows many designers to shift their sights back from the iMac, although Surface Studio's starting price is as high as $2,999 (approximately RMB 20,623). ).

Overall, Surface Studio is a very great work and is the most important representative to revive the entire PC market. At present, Apple lacks imagination and lack of creativity means that it will lose a considerable part of the market.

In addition, Microsoft is also quite astute in its marketing strategy for Surface Studio. Without demonstrating the advantages of the Windows 10 system for designers, it also shows unique appeal to both general users and children, and this is a savvy decision in the sales promotion strategy of Surface Studio.

Will two-in-one devices save the PC?

It's still too early to give the PC market a chance to warm up or re-grow in the future, but now we have seen the PC market re-emerged. Two-in-one hybrid equipment is a good example. Under the premise of overall sales decline, it still maintains a growth trend. This is mainly due to Microsoft's contribution.

After Microsoft, many manufacturers have followed suit and launched their own products, such as Lenovo's Yoga 900S, Acer Aspire Switch 11V and HP Spectre x360 15t. These different two-in-one devices have different features and prices, and they are portable. Sex, touch and performance have attracted many users. Microsoft also benefits from the hot sales of these vendors' products.

In addition, Dell also launched the Canvas all-in-one similar to Surface Studio at the Consumer Electronics Show in January this year. Although the specific positioning is not the same, the target is consistent with Microsoft. The success of Canvas and Surface Studio reflects the market's considerable demand for such products.

Through proper positioning and execution, Surface Studio has inherited the success of Surface Pro, and more artists, graphic designers, architects, animators and game designers will invest in the embrace of Microsoft in the future. Said that Microsoft is successful.

Source: pcmag

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