The MAC TW1 is a powerful, quiet-running tungsten halogen moving head dyeing lamp that produces a clean, uniform, soft-edged beam with power zoom, rich CMY color mixing, and internal and external electronic dimming. Like daylight, incandescent light sources naturally evoke skin tones and fabric textures, making them the perfect fixture for TV stations, theaters, filmmakers, fashion shows and corporate events. The MAC TW1 delivers outstanding optical performance for the stage and studio, combining the outstanding performance of the MAC Series with the warm color temperature of the halogen bulb. Full chromatographic CMY color mixing from soft pink to saturated dark color, MAC TW1's color mixing system offers a wide range of color choices, resulting in a smooth, seamless gradient that can be directly converted from any color to the desired color without any additional Mottled. The TW1's independent color mixing system provides the widest and most uniform full-color color, eliminating the need for additional complex modules or multiple fixtures of the same model, making it easy to create a full range of colors with a single TW1. The flexible zoom dual lens system gives lighting designers a variety of beam angles to broaden their creative space. The Martin zoom system also ensures that the beam quality is unaffected while easily controlling the beam angle. The standard lens provides a variable beam angle range of 19°-40°, and the optional wide-angle lens provides a 90°-110° beam angle range. Also equipped with a narrow angle lens for users to choose. The internal and external dimmers TW1 typically use an external dimming system, but are also equipped with a built-in IGBT dimmer. Some small shows may not have an external dimming silicon cabinet installed, or when the fixtures are installed outside the stage area, the wiring of the silicon cabinet may be too long, and the built-in dimmer can be used. When using an external dimming system, the lamp will not be energized if the safety features of the luminaire are not activated. Mechanical dimming In addition to electronic dimming, the MAC TW1 is also equipped with a mechanical shutter. Since the mechanical shutter is relatively independent of the bulb, the color temperature of the beam is not affected during the dimming process. The mechanical shutter can instantly black field, instantly switch the brightness to zero, and can also make a variable frequency flash effect. Quiet operation As the brightest 1200-watt luminaire in its class, the MAC TW1 is also very quiet and has a noise of less than 40 decibels. Using cold light reflector technology, combined with a new ultra-quiet cooling design (patent pending), the heat is quickly discharged from the back of the lamp to ensure low temperature operation of the lamp components. The soft edge MAC TW1 has a truly smooth, soft beam edge and uniform light and color output, providing even illumination of the projection surface for a seamless overlay of the beam, making it an ideal luminaire for large stages and sets. Under the fast-dissipating magnesium alloy casing is an outstanding convection cooling system that ensures quiet operation of the luminaire, keeping noise to a minimum and avoiding heat to the stage or set. Three modes of operation: normal, studio, and quiet modes. Select the desired mode through the console to control the effect and speed of mechanical movement for smoother, quieter operation. The user can also select the convection cooling setting through the console. Accurate, quiet shaking action Whether moving fast or slow, the precise horizontal and vertical control system (540°/242°) provides smooth, accurate movement. Martin's advanced lamp arm technology ensures the quietest moving head movement. Easily replace and adjust the lamp with a single-ended 1/4 turn bulb to ensure a simple and fast replacement process, saving maintenance time. Easily adjust the light and shade of the light bulb through the three light bulbs on the back of the fixture. The MAC TW1 can be fitted with a 230 volt, 240 volt or 115 volt bulb, or a new 80 volt bulb, creating a powerful light output that is difficult to match with conventional voltage bulbs. More detail design... In addition to brightness, performance and color output, we also take into account the fast and convenient daily adjustment and maintenance, and incorporate it into our design philosophy. This is the design principle of Martin's luminaires, and MAC TW1 follows this fine tradition. Simple maintenance Intelligent module design and multi-joint design make it easy for users to disassemble, maintain and clean, saving maintenance time and cost. The luminaire also offers a range of accessories such as visors, color clips, and hoods. The universal packaging TW1 is equipped with a complete product package. The fully automatic, switch-mode power supply allows the luminaires to be used anywhere in the world without the need for additional external power boxes and wires, reducing costs and facilitating transportation.