The Lighting Japan exhibition, American Cree, Europe Osram, etc. all came to the exhibition. From the exhibition stand, OLED lighting began to emerge in the terminal market, and several OLED operators began to sell related lighting products to test market acceptance.

Cree's main products are 46 V LEDs of the models "XT-E HVW" and "XT-L HVW". Unlike the general 3V LEDs, this product corresponds to 100V~110V mains, such as the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. Etc., this LED is suitable for small-diameter bulbs such as E11 and E17.

Osram exhibited new plant lighting products for LEDs, which use 450nm and 660nm wavelengths respectively, which are beneficial to plant growth. For example, vegetable leaves are thicker at the venue and can be taken off immediately. The Osram LED plant lighting strip is mainly composed of 1W LED components.

OLED lighting is different from the previous sample display. The OLED industry began to test the water temperature and sell OLED lighting at the venue. DN Lighting has published 2 OLED lightings. One OLED panel supplied by Mitsubishi Chemical is large in size and dimmable. The length, width and height are 140×140×5mm, and the price of one panel is 100,000 yen. DN Lighting is a complete sales group, namely 6 OLED panels plus power and dimming controllers, totaling 800,000 yen.

The other OLED panel is supplied by Konica Minolta. The panel size is 74×74×1.9mm, and one is 70,000 yen. However, the company also sells the whole group, that is, 3 OLED panels plus power supply price is 300,000 yen. . DN Lighting said that because the price of OLED lighting is still high at this stage, it is only in the test water temperature stage.

Konica Minolta developed OLED lighting manufacturers based on phosphorescent materials earlier in the world. The products are available in length, width and height of 74×74×1.9mm, brightness of 1,000cd/m2, luminous efficiency of 45lm/W and life of 8,000. Hours, color temperature 2,800K, 4 OLED panels plus power supply price of 150,000 yen, the company's 2012 target mainly focuses on the development of OLED lighting color temperature and color rendering.

Japan's glass manufacturer Nippon Electric Glass also displays LED and OLED materials. In terms of LED materials, its phosphor is mainly coated on glass. Unlike traditional coating in plastic materials, the main advantage is that the phosphor has heat resistance. Sex, anti-rotation, water resistance, and is not easy to produce light decay; and the company also displayed ultra-thin, lightweight, flexible glass substrate, thickness of only 40um, mainly used in OLED lighting, to achieve ultra-thin OLED lighting And the purpose of flexibility.

Faced with the emergence of OLED lighting, LED industry has also developed LED lighting towards thinner. Nissho Gwangbo Co., Ltd. also exhibited LED ceiling lights, emphasizing the advantages of light weight, weighing only 2.4 kg and thickness of only 9.5 mm.

From the perspective of Lighting Japan, overseas LED industry pays attention to the Japanese lighting market. Although OLED has a big gap between LED and lighting in terms of efficiency and price, the industry believes that OLED lighting will enter the popularization stage after 2015, so it will be early in 2012. Layout to attract end consumer attention.

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