At present, LED super TV is only used in a few areas such as indoor wall, TV broadcast, surveillance conference and other areas that require video playback. There are still quite a few problems and obstacles to overcome.
First of all, the technical constraints are particularly difficult to overcome. Mr. Wu Meng, Director of Zhouming Technology Marketing, believes that LEDs must solve the problem of brightness, grayscale and refresh rate in indoor environment in order to truly realize the dream of super TV. People who care about the LED industry know that indoor display products do not need high brightness, too strong light is likely to irritate the human eye, long-term viewing will cause damage to the human eye, which is also LED display products - especially Small-pitch LED displays are widely used in indoor applications. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the brightness of the LED display without losing gray scale. When the LED super TV is shooting with a camera or a high-speed camera, if the refresh rate is not enough, then a black line will appear, which will affect the appearance; if the gray level is not reached, a dark spot with a color distortion will appear. It also affects the display. Therefore, the low brightness, high refresh rate, high gray level and other indicators of high-density small-pitch LED display are a major challenge for LED super TV.
Second, the price has become a barrier to promotion. Traditional LED TVs with LED backlights have already occupied a certain market share in the market. Since the first LED TV was registered in the Chinese market at the end of 2007, mainstream TV brand giants from Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Changhong, Hisense, Haier and Skyworth have launched LED TVs to the market. Some institutions predict that China's LED TV in 2013 will occupy 90% of the market.
At present, ordinary consumers have heard, understood and even bought LED backlight TVs in the home appliance market, and the popularity of LEDs in the TV industry is getting higher and higher. For LED companies, the benefits of the LED backlight TV market penetration increase have two advantages: First, as a supplier of packaged devices to share the development of LED-backlit TV; Second, consumers through TV manufacturers and The popularity of the media for many years, has been familiar with the advantages of LED display, and has cultivated the market foundation for the true LED super TV.
Still, LED Super TVs are like a LED-backlit TV that goes into the consumer world like a revolutionary subversion. Many people in the industry believe that the LED small-pitch indoor HD display products introduced by LED display manufacturers will be more representative of the future of home TV, but the high price obviously discourages consumers. Imagine that LED backlight TV is already a high-priced product. Although LED super TV only adds "super" word to LED TV, the price is a world of difference. Lu Shaopeng, general manager of Shenzhen Guangneng Technology, believes that the so-called LED super TV is only an extension of the high-density and small-pitch display. It is only a critical point in the indoor large screen. It is almost impossible to truly go to the civilian appliance industry. The giants of the traditional LCD TV industry are tens of billions of dollars, and naturally will not agree to LED super TV into their civilian field.
Experts said that the future market of high-density small-pitch LED super TV products has broad application prospects, not only meeting the needs of high-end large-screen TVs in public service centers such as large conference centers, cinemas, office buildings, etc., but also in military, public safety, energy, and transportation. There are also huge demand potentials in professional applications in specific industries such as broadcasting and television. It is expected that product sales will explode in the future.
On the one hand, we need to be firm in confidence. With the advancement of LED display technology and the decline in cost, LED Super TV seeks a more terminal market application trend. We are very pleased that the concept stocks of LED Super TV are quite hot. Whether this is just a concept of hype, we have seen the bright prospects of the LED display industry segment and the high-end field may enter the village.
On the other hand, we must also be aware of the crisis and challenges. The LED display industry is now in a period of turbulence and instability. The competition for conventional display screens has reached a point where the water is hot and hot. As a new hotspot of the industry, LED super TVs can not be blindly pursued and attract industry. At present, Liard, Chau Ming and other companies have developed and successfully used their LED super TVs, but there are still many indicators that need to be improved, especially the improvement of details, and more need to be resolved by related companies.

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