Jiucheng ZTE wishes to join hands to build an interactive TV company On the afternoon of December 12, the Ninth City (Nasdaq: NCTY) and ZTE Corporation announced today that they have reached a cooperation agreement to jointly fund the establishment of Zhongxing Ninetowns Network Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. to promote the development of domestic interactive TV value-added services.

Zhao Jingyi, general manager of Zhongxing Ninetowns, said that the joint venture company will integrate the content advantages of the two companies in the field of interactive television, radio and television platform services, and some value-added services. The company plans to implement products and terminals that support network, mobile phone, and TV network value-added services in the next two to three years. It plans to enter more than 90% of interactive TV families and build a domestic high-quality interactive television entertainment platform.

“Ninetowns has early noticed the huge business opportunities in the interactive TV field. The early in-depth layout has made the interactive TV field a new profit growth opportunity for Ninetowns.” Zhu Jun, Chairman and CEO of Ninetowns, said: “We are very happy to be able to cooperate with Zhongxing. The communication reached an agreement to jointly establish a joint venture company and was deeply honored by the invitation of the Wuxi government to cooperate in creating an interactive television value-added business demonstration base.We believe that this cooperation will focus on improving the quality of television entertainment in Chinese families. Looking at the 'transition of television into 'use' television will not only enhance the quality of life and quality of Chinese families, but will also strengthen the leading position of Ninetowns and ZTE in this field."

Since 2008, Ninetowns has been deploying interactive television. As of now, Ninetowns has cooperated with telecommunications and China Unicom in 17 provinces across the country to launch game platform and game business cooperation. The game channel covers 95% of IPTV users nationwide. More than 10 million registered users. In the field of broadcasting and television, NINETOWNS has also cooperated with 11 local radio and television operators such as Jiangsu Radio and TV, Gehua Cable, and Hunan Radio and TV. The current platform has more than 200 interactive video games.

PCB  Assembly

PCB Assemble is not PCB plus components loading,but also the technologies.including PCB design,manufacturing,components ,process.Finally,we must have a strong understanding of the final product.That is why we asked you to supply samples or photos if any.
Storm Circuits is a one-stop solution for all circuit board services so we are often entrenched with the PCB fabrication process from design to assembly. Through our strong network of well-proven circuit assembly and manufacturing partners,we can provide the most advanced and nearly limitless capabilities for your prototype or production PCB application. Save yourself the trouble that comes with the procurement process and dealing with multiple components vendors. Our experts will find you the best parts for your final product.

What information we need for PCB assemble?
1.PCB Gerber file,or your design file.
2.BOM in excel,an example for you to reference.
I3.f any,please send a sample or final product photos. 3D view is also very helpful.
4.Assemble drawing.Some in PCB file,some not.
5.RoHS or not.
what is QTY you need.

Since PCBA project is much more complex than PCB manufacturing,your inquiry need about 3-4 days to reply with quotation,fastest 1 day to you .and standard lead time for PCBA is 3-4 weeks,2 weeks for express prototyping.

We purchase 99% of the parts from oversea to guarantee the components quality.this is the most important for your product.

PCB Assembly

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