With the increasing understanding of green lighting, the concept of “on-demand lighting” has been widely disseminated, providing affordable lighting for the lighting industry and becoming a growing social demand. Warwick Kaide Lighting Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is constantly introducing new and new types of LED smart lamps to enrich the product line. The common feature of its products is the use of longevity and high efficiency LED light sources, which have a certain level of intelligence, can automatically adjust the power of the lamps or perform opening and closing according to environmental changes and user needs, and take personalized designs for different applications.

In underground parking lots and other occasions, the company has introduced LED smart lights such as DT, ZP, ZT, and FP series underground parking lots. The detectors can use pyroelectric infrared technology, and can also use microwave, ultrasonic and other detection technologies. These products are divided by power into 12W and 18W two specifications to meet the lighting needs of most underground parking lots. If you look at the energy-saving retrofitting of existing buildings, the light distribution method is close to the general straight-tube fluorescent lamps, which can meet the requirements of the irradiation range and uniformity. If the underground space is relatively humid, you can choose appropriate protective measures to achieve IP65 protection rating. When used as an emergency light, the product can effectively respond to instructions from the fire emergency power system and maintain high brightness during emergency conditions. From the actual effect point of view, the underground parking lot LED intelligent lamp is the most widely used ZT series.

FTS series LED ceiling lamps can meet the lighting needs of high-rise buildings such as walking ladders and emergency passages. This kind of lamp has a beautiful shape and a uniform light output. It can be subdivided into two sub-models: light and dark, and bright and light. It can be equipped with a fire emergency function module to respond to the EPS system command; the rated power is 4 watts and 8 watts; The color temperature should be more than 6000K to ensure that the user stays excited when they pass.

Downlights are widely used in corridors and conference rooms. Early LED retrofits often use conventional lamp shapes and structures and are easily retrofitted. At present, most LED lamp manufacturers independently develop and design LED downlights with attractive appearance and various forms. The main characteristics of TT series LED intelligent downlights include: adapting to the personalized taste requirements of hotels, the light source is mainly based on the low color temperature of around 3300K, so as to obtain a more comfortable visual experience; in view of the fact that the downlights are rarely used individually, the development has a local integration The cascade control mode of control features connects the lamps of a local area to provide a more comfortable dimming mode. At present, the company is innovating in heat dissipation structure and dimming mode to achieve the goal of further reducing the consumption of non-ferrous metals and diversifying dimming forms. In addition, more types of LED smart lamps can be used in public places in buildings, such as grille lights and embedded water room lights. Based on the commonality of intelligence, these smart lights must pay special attention to the unique needs of applications.