IBM announced that it will invest $200 million to build a global headquarters for the China Bio-Networking business in Munich, Germany. The move is part of a strategy to combine the “Huasheng” supercomputer with the Internet of Things.

This is also part of a global plan for IBM to invest $3 billion to bring Watson Cognitive Computing to the Internet of Things. The investment in Munich is the largest investment ever made by IBM in Europe and in response to customers who want to revolutionize their business with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

IBM spends $200 million to promote the combination of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things

IBM said that the company has 6,000 customers worldwide using China Bio-networking solutions and services, compared with 4,000 eight months ago. Over time, IBM plans to use Watson to gain insights from the massive data of the global Internet of Things. China Bio-Networking Headquarters will set up the world's first cognitive IoT collaboration lab - in this hands-on lab, customers and partners can work with IBM's permanent staff in Munich, more than a thousand researchers, engineers, developers and businesses Experts collaborate to promote collaborative innovation in the automotive, electronics, manufacturing, healthcare and insurance industries.

Harriet Green, global director of IBM Bio-Based Services, said in a statement: "IBM is making great strides to ensure that global companies can take advantage of this unparalleled era of technological change to develop new products and services that truly transform human life. Germany is in Industry 4.0 At the forefront, by inviting our customers and partners to work with us in Munich, we dedicate our talent and technology to help realize the promise of the Internet of Things and build a global hotbed for collaborative innovation."

Schaeffler is one of the customers of China Bio-Networking, a German industrial giant and one of the world's leading automotive and industrial suppliers. The company has signed a multi-year strategic partnership agreement with IBM to accelerate the digital transformation of its overall operations and customer solutions with Watson's cognitive intelligence and insights from billions of sensors. Schaeffler will analyze the vast amounts of data from millions of sensors and devices at its various operations, providing insights that help companies become more agile, make decisions faster, and optimize the performance of their equipment as it works.

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