How to set up a home theater In general, home theater can be understood by synthesizing two concepts: “home theater standard” and “playing system in playing movie in home environment”. The home theater market is adding another force: The current micro projector home theater has already occupied 50% of the market share.

From 2009 to 2010, in a short span of one year, the power of projection to home theater has already defeated the color TV to occupy the peak of the market, especially its unique CMMB function and ability to directly watch TV through the set-top box, processing built-in storage. , you can download the latest movies and songs on the Internet and other functions, it is already a color TV can not be replaced, micro projector will occupy the future home theater market.

Micro-projection has no radiation, and it has achieved sufficient protection for pregnant women and people with myopia. Its low-power consumption function is 1/1,000,000 of the power consumption of color TVs. Even watching a TV for 1 year does not take TV for 1 day. The electricity has completely impacted the indicators of safety, environmental protection and health, made amazing contributions to the future social development, and stood as a leader in the pinnacle of the green world.

Audio and video playback system People often say that the playback system mainly consists of three major components, namely, audio and video players, AV amplifiers, and speaker systems. The three lacked any playback system that could not be called a home theater. As a consumer, it is necessary to understand and understand these three parts. The author is now introducing these three parts of the playback system:

On the market, we can find a lot of audio and video players such as LD, VCR, VCD player or DVD player. However, as a playback system used in modern home theaters, some LDs, video recorders, and VCD players are not considered to be part of it.

AV amplifier AV amplifier refers to multi-channel power amplifiers. However, multi-channel amplifiers must support multiple input or multi-channel decoding output to call an AV amplifier. That is to say, the basic Dolby AC-3 amplifier and DTS output must be supported. This can be called an AV amplifier in the components of a modern home theater broadcasting system. Most mid- and low-cost AV amplifiers now carry Dolby AC-3 decoding and DTS decoding, which is commonly known as dual decoding. Of course there are more advanced THX amplifiers.

Speaker System The final component of a home theater playback system is the speaker system. It is also the largest part of the price of the broadcast system. The most basic speaker systems are 5.1-channel, a pair of main speakers, a pair of surround speakers, a center speaker, and a subwoofer.

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