The surge effect is caused by a rapid flow reversal of a compressor caused by a large-scale collapse of the flow pattern within the compressor. When downstream demand is reduced, a surge in low flow rates occurs. When the flow rate is below a certain minimum value, the flow pattern in the compressor becomes unstable, and the fluid can be moved from the high pressure side to the low pressure side through the compressor.

Since the surge is a fast, high-energy phenomenon, it can introduce excessive dynamic loads of internal components such as thrust bearings, seals and blades, as well as introducing unnecessary pipe vibrations. The cost of replacing the compressor seal is only 20,000. Fatigue failure over time can destroy the entire compressor.

Anti-surge control valves have been used on compressors for decades. Most of the anti-surge valve recirculation flows back from the outlet of the compressor to the inlet to maintain a minimum flow through the compressor.

How to increase the running time of the air compressor through the digital control valve

It is important to combine the digital valve controller's anti-surge valve to help meet the challenging speed and accuracy of surge-resistant applications - speed requirements are typically less than 2 seconds and overshoot standards are in the range of 5% or less. In addition, online diagnostics are required and the valve must respond to small changes without overshoot.

The goal of any compressor controller is to operate the machine in a safe working envelope. In addition to surge limits, compressor controllers must handle some physical constraints, including choke limits, power limits, process limits, and rotational speed limits. The task of operating the compressor in this area becomes particularly complicated when the multi-stage compressor or multiple compressors are operated in parallel. Today, many compressors are controlled by complex integrated control systems, and most anti-surge valves are still only stroking speed regulations.

The valve is designed for impact speed control with minimal throttling applications. Because of this, the performance of the anti-surge system is affected. Not only are performance-resistant surge systems affected, but plant availability and throughput depend on the performance of these valves.

How to increase the running time of the air compressor through the digital control valve

A digital valve controller with open-loop and closed-loop performance was designed, and an anti-surge valve with a digital valve controller was designed. The open-loop reaction is directly related to the impact velocity and the closed-loop reaction is directly related to the actual control function of the anti-surge controller. Better control rates increase system revenue, which is equivalent to faster movements and tighter controls. This more stringent compressor control allows the compressor to operate more efficiently while increasing compressor throughput. For new units, this means that a smaller compressor can be used with a conventional means to select the valve compared to an optimized surge protection valve.

A system that has a proprietary control of the impact velocity that lacks robustness in controlling the servo loop. This means that the system may be unstable when the operation of the open loop is not required. This can cause excessive overshoot and instability when the valve responds to a set point change. The location of the valve's hunting tells a sign of a poorly performing anti-surge valve. Since the performance of a stable valve is critical, in this application, an unstable servo loop requires manual control valve operation, making starting and closing difficult. This is equivalent to reducing the throughput and efficiency of the compressor since the system must be adjusted because of the poor performance of the valve.

However, by designing ideas with open and closed loop performance, the compressor's assurance and precise throttling control are fully protected to maximize compressor output and efficiency. Through the rapid functioning of the designed system and precise closed-loop control, the compressor's anti-surge system can perform at its peak potential by allowing higher system gain.

The stability of the entire valve stroke ensures that the valve will respond quickly and accurately to any changes initiated by the surge protection controller. Symmetrical performance in the opening and closing directions improves adjustment and controllability.

How to increase the running time of the air compressor through the digital control valve

Among other advantages, the digital valve controller provides in-circuit debugging and on-site feedback, adjustments can be done remotely at faster speeds, all components can be remotely and non-invasively diagnosed, including performance diagnostics, triggering safety diagnostics, diagnostics can be done online . This allows the user to determine that there are no shutdowns and actively plan for any necessary improvements or upgrades to close any potential issues in the future. It also allows for partial stroke testing to ensure that the valve's required stroke speed is required for movement. These valves operate very little.

Anti-surge valves can be found in almost any production or process facility, but are best suited for the olefin and liquefied natural gas industries with challenging and demanding performance requirements. The olefin and LNG facilities are commonly used for integration capabilities and anti-surge control to anti-surge controllers because the two systems can fight each other if left independent. This integration requires excellent performance from anti-surge valves to operate effectively.

When the anti-surge valve uses a digital valve controller, and the specific algorithm for anti-surge control is established, with the appropriate valves, actuators and accessories, the compressor throughput and efficiency are achieved, increasing uptime.

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