At present, domestic LED lamps are generally concerned with optical parameters only during the design stage. What kind of chip to choose, what kind of driver to use, how to dissipate heat, and so on. However, there are no effective controls in the production process, including large companies. How to control the light parameters in all directions during the production process?

The first is to check whether the parameters of each roll are consistent with the label of each roll in the incoming material inspection. Generally, the chip part of the big brand is too likely to make a whole volume error, so one or two can be detected. The parameters mainly include luminous flux and color temperature. , power, current, voltage, etc. Small brand products will increase the sampling ratio.

In the production process, inspection and recording of the materials is essential. The loading record should be complete to the color temperature, or even different partitions. This process is often overlooked because everyone thinks it is a simple action. In order to prevent mistakes, there must be someone other than the detailed records to check the SMT line. Of course, this may also be due to negligence and wrong color temperature, etc., it is best to use barcode control, special frame, different barcodes can not be installed, thus avoiding the possibility of manual error.

Next, the quality of the patch also affects the normal use of the chip, such as soldering, solder paste temperature is too high and burnt the chip, electrostatic breakdown of the chip. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the limited period of solder paste, and it is strictly forbidden to use expired solder paste. Regular cleaning and inspection of the tension of the stencil ensures the thickness and integrity of the solder paste. Solder paste thrust and thickness testing after PCB board solder paste printing can guarantee the quality of the soldering behind, which are not really done in the lighting factory. It is best to use a PCB board and a temperature sensor to control the furnace temperature curve so that there is no accident that the temperature is too high and the chip is burned out. For the protection of static electricity, it is necessary to enter the door and start to check the electrostatic ring. All workers should wear an electrostatic ring and wear an electrostatic device. The entire floor is protected by an antistatic layer. All work stations and transfer devices must be antistatic materials. Corrugated boxes are not anti-static, which is little known. Many workers use corrugated cardboard to separate the PCB boards for the sake of illustration. This is very dangerous. The entire workshop must be an isolated purification workshop with temperature and humidity control.

After the LED chip is patched, it is necessary to perform the lighting test. The general factory map is fast, and only a small current is used to illuminate to filter the LED stickers. Everyone is counting on the aging test behind the luminaire to find out the problem. In fact, this is a common problem of the current LED lighting factory. It is best to test the relevant optical parameters after the LED board is attached to avoid the late production rework. At present, domestic online testing is still relatively weak, and few can do online testing, because there are not many LED lamps on the market, LED light sources are possible, because of the large amount. There are still many people who feel that it is not necessary. As long as the LED chip is selected, all the parameters can be guaranteed. This is obviously a gap with reality. If you can't get online, at least one batch will be sent to the integrating sphere test.

When the lamp is assembled, the incoming material inspection should be the same as the LED board. The sample is sent to the integrating sphere to measure the full parameters. During the assembly process, inspections are also taken every two hours. The detection before the final storage is also indispensable.

Some tests can be detected when placed on aging. At present, everyone is witnessing the brightness and color temperature, but this is greatly affected by human factors. Finally, the parameters can be measured while aging, which requires a set of equipment to protect. I believe that with the maturity of LED products , this equipment will be available in the near future!


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