If there is no accident, the appliance replacement policy that accompanies us for more than two years will officially end on December 31st. With the countdown to this policy, Dongguan's home appliance stores have also reminded consumers to apply for trade-in as soon as possible, followed by the peak sales of old appliances is once again.

Stores have begun to deal with countdown

The reporter saw in the Gome Store Tenglong store that a notice board that reminds consumers to deal with appliance replacement as soon as possible has been placed for some time. In other stores, there are similar reminders. Because there is no specific notice at this time, the sales staff also indicated that they still cannot know for sure whether the replacement of home appliances will last until December 31, or will consider the process ahead of schedule for a while. "However, it is certainly not wrong to apply for trade-in as soon as possible." A salesperson told reporters in this way.

Previously, a common promotional tool used by Dongguan home appliance stores was double subsidy, which may become history later. However, during this member's carnival held at Dongcheng Middle Road, First International Store, and Huangjiang Store from 19:00 to 24:00 this Friday, members who purchase household appliances can enjoy national trade-in subsidies. In addition, the full amount can also enjoy a 10% fashion subsidy. Suning Appliance also stated that it will set a green channel for subsidies on weekends and holidays, improve the efficiency of the trade-in subsidies, and optimize the internal financial system to ensure that the reserve for trade-in is adequate.

Old TV prices rise to more than 50 yuan

The news that the old-fashioned exchange policy is about to expire at the end of the year has increased the number of home appliance replacements in the recent period. This has also led to a rebound in the selling price of some old home appliances.

The reporter saw a second-hand appliance recycling shop in Nancheng District. There were a large number of old household appliances including refrigerators, washing machines, computers, and televisions, and old TVs were obviously the most. Previously, old TVs priced at around RMB 30 have risen to more than RMB 50. In fact, the appliance replacement trade has just started in Dongguan for a period of time. The price of the old TV has also risen from about RMB 30 to RMB 50-80, and then it has slowly dropped back to about RMB 30.