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The HT82V739 is Holtek's new low-voltage mono horn audio amplifier with low power consumption, high output power and low distortion to provide high quality audio frequency response. Excellent electrical characteristics, all consumer audio products can be used with Line out, including language learning machine, electronic pronunciation dictionary, voice toys and so on.

At the same time, the HT82V739 has a built-in mute function to prevent “pop” sound when the switch is switched. In addition, the HT82V739 is a direct push type speaker source amplifier, so it can minimize the external components of the customer and meet the needs of customers in many aspects. It is a reliable product. Available in 8-pin SOP and 8-pin DIP packages for packaging, it is ideal for portable electronic devices.

Holtek offers two horn amplifiers with different output powers, the 1.2W HT82V739 and the 0.4W HT82V733. The PIN pin definitions of the two ICs are the same. Customers can choose the right IC for different application areas.