High-end smart environmental protection appliances favored

Ovid Consulting (AVC) recently stated that due to various factors such as the policy and excessive overdraft consumer demand in the previous period, the sales volume of household appliances for the National Day Golden Week this year fell for the first time in 10 years. In the macro background of the slowdown in the growth of the industry, Samsung has maintained a trend of contrarian growth, which can not help but seem to attract particular attention.

According to Samsung insiders, around the Golden Week, Samsung's overall sales of refrigerators and washing machines still maintained a high year-on-year increase in the overall national market, with high-end large-capacity refrigerators and drum washing machines contributing significantly to sales. Super overall data. When the reporter visited the home appliance store during the Golden Week of the 11th, it was found that, unlike in previous years, the traditional white power industry was evaporating “functionalized” colors and shifting to a more high-end, smart, and green “quality” direction. This may explain Samsung’s inverse. The reason for the upward trend.

Since Samsung White Power entered the Chinese market, it has been adhering to the high-end market strategy and has gradually become an innovation leader in the high-end home appliance market. With the upgrading of consumer demand for domestic appliances and the deepening of home appliance industry restructuring, Samsung’s high-end development strategy is being accepted by the market step by step, and plays a role in satisfying Chinese consumers’ high-quality living needs and leading fashion consumption concepts. Important role.

During the national home appliance market during the National Day holiday, it can be seen that high-end, smart, environmentally-friendly appliances are becoming the market's "darlings." According to sources from the Ministry of Commerce, during the 11th Golden Week this year, the trend of upgrading consumption structure was obvious. Among them, large-screen ultra-high-definition television, refrigerator door, drum washing machine and other high-quality environmentally friendly energy-saving appliances and water purifiers, air purifiers and other health appliances have become home appliance stores sales hot spots. From the point of view of the consumer population, after 70, 80 has become the backbone of the market, young consumers pursue the "one-step" consumption concept, may be the home appliance market from the "functional" to "quality" of the core driving force.

The reporter also found that due to the promotion of home ownership and the move to new homes, the sale of high-end complete sets of home appliances has become a major highlight of this year's Golden Week consumer electronics market. Samsung Electronics also launched a “Buyer's Electricity Health” purchase promotion policy including TV, refrigerators, and washing machines during the two festivals. It covers a large number of mid- to high-end main products, and the promotion activities are very popular.

Some industry insiders believe that the amount of high-end product promotion sales has risen steadily, reflecting the consumer's pursuit of high-quality life "in one step." Home appliances are not only necessary products and necessary products, but also should be accessories and artworks in the entire home life.

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