Wang Wanchuan, born in 1982, graduated from the Department of Law of Southwest University of Political Science and Law in Bishan, Chongqing. The general manager of Xiyaite Lighting Appliance Factory of Henglan Town, Zhongshan City, owns famous brands such as “Xiaobailong”.

At the age of 25, he inherited his father's obsession with the lamp but he did not want to inherit his father's industry. He is the main force of the new generation of lamp people. But when it comes to entry qualifications, it is better than many people. Wang Wanchuan said that he was "entered" soon after he was born. His father had been working in the lighting business for a lifetime, and he grew up with his company. Although his father chose him for politics and law, he hoped that he would go to politics. However, the culture of the lamp has been deeply rooted in his heart. After graduation, he came to Henglan Town without hesitation. In 2004, he founded Zhongshan Xiyate Lighting Appliance Factory and started. Your own business. He said that from small to large, he could not escape the "halo" given by the family factor of "rich children". After work, he did not want to live under the shadow of his father, but created an independent cause. Moreover, he wants to surpass his father's achievements and let "Little White Dragon" go to the country. Wang Wanchuan told reporters that although he has been a business for more than three years, he has achieved this goal.

Choosing to do energy-saving lamps and making high-power energy-saving lamps is based on a calm analysis of the market. In 2004, energy-saving lamps were still a blank in the engineering field. Even now, there are not many enterprises with "engineering lighting" as the core. At present, the quality of enterprises in the industry is uneven. Some small enterprises have low price difference, which has a great impact on formal enterprises. The threshold for high-power energy-saving lamps is much higher, and it has attacked the disorderly competition of some small enterprises.

When it comes to success, Wang Wanchuan said that 98% of people know the method, but there are few successes. Because it is critical to seize opportunities outside of the method. Xiao Bailong, riding the opportunity of the express train, rushed to success.
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