Trademark: Debao Tower
Specification: Telecommunication tower
Origin: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
HS Code: 7308200000
HDG Steel Structure Telecom Monopole Tower

Company introduction: 
  Hangzhou Debao Electromechanical Manufacturing Co,. Ltd was founded in 2003. It's a professional manufacturer in communication tower, electrical tower, galvanizing process and decorative antenna and so on. With 163.8 million RMB registered capital and 700 employees, Debao has become the largest hot-dip galvanizing production base around East China( total 780 tons production capacity). Also, it is the manufacturing base of Zhejiang University Chemistry Laboratory galvanizing products and enterprise credit AAA company with ISO certificate. 
  We have 10000 square meter office building and 46000 square meter workshop equipped with high-level production lines for communication tower and hot-dip galvanizing, which constitute a strong guarantee for the company's high operation efficiency. Per market demand, Debao launched a series of landscaped tower, bionic tower, decorative antenna, portable mobile base station, which have been widely used by operators now.

Business license, tax registration certificate and organization code certificate, quality management system, occupational health management system, environmental management system, enterprise credit AAA. 

Construction Process:
1.Raw material inspection 
Check steel specification, grade and heat number when coming, and then send sample to the laboratory for testing. Welding material needs re-rest of welding; Purchased tower attachments also need retest. Any non-conforming material should be avoided to enter into the production line.

2.Mark sample number
After sample plate and rod made, all the samples need to be approved by customers, then reviewed and marked number. Marked number with digital control, steel tower needs to retain head margin when cutting according to process requirement, diameter of both tube ends need the conformance with matching welding tube. The deviation is not more than ± 1.5D/1000, the total height deviation is no more than H/1500.

3.Rolling tube
After marked number and qualified, then turn to roll tube. To keep the ellipticity of the sheet plate, rolling on rolling machine where roller can move horizontally, then weld the connecting line and recheck. Visual inspection after rolling, the roundness should not exceed 3mm.

After tube bending, inspection and approval, it goes to automatic welding. Before welding, bevel angle is 25 degrees, also welding edge needs removing rust, burrs and dirt, electrode must be dried, coating drops or rust core are not allowed, and damp solder is also not allowed. Clean each welding line and inspect, then re-weld after clear defects. After welding slag and spatter need to be cleaned up. Select T-joints and 20% nearby welding line on main tower UT test to achieve GB11345-1989BII.

5.Flange installation
The flange needs automatic welding and UT test qualified. After installation and appearance inspection, inspect the angle dimension, so as to make sure the tower get installed smoothly.

6.Test assembly
Each section of the tower needs assembly test. The technical department will make a complete inspection, including the welding line mechanical property, the tower dimensions (length deviation, connection flatness and straightness, tower tube ovality, tube diameter deviation) must comply with requirement before turning to next stage.

After tower assembly test galvanizing will apply. Hot dip galvanizing coating thickness needs 86um  
8.Inspection after galvanizing 
Test assembly again after galvanizing qualified, and the requirements are the same with previous test assembly. If there is deviation it needs correction, then turn to next stage.

Grinding zinc coating by sand blasting or abrasive paper to make the surface flatness and smoothness but not to damage zinc coating, then spay 6 layers painting to make sure the tower's service life.

Monopole tower
1.Good appearance
  Single tube tower is conic and beautiful with elegant design and fine structure.
2.Cost effective
  Small occupation, it's about two square meters, only as 8%-10% of the traditional angle steel tower. It saves land cost and easy to find place to build.
3.Inner flange type
  Use high strength bolts connect inner flange, which can effectively prevent high strength bolts corrosion by weather, which will protect tower connecting quality.
4.Internal ladder type 
  Ladder is installed inside, thus maintainers can repair and inspect the equipments in any weather.
5.Feeder internal built
  Feeder lay inside tower to avoid natural environment like wind blowing, rain -drenched and sun-scorched, and prevent break danger from aging and fatigue, which will extend the feeder's life.
  Single tube tower can be very high, which make it outstanding in surroundings and become an ideal advertising place and landmark building.
7.Double regulation
  Bottom of the flange use double nuts to fix, which can effectively fix the tower. The bottom nut can support the body and micro-regulate perpendicularity, which will make sure installation accuracy.
8.Tower steadiness
  Improving bottom ribs design will be good for wind-resistance (over level 12). It can make the body steady and stable to keep communication signal clear, also will extend the signal tube tower's using life and cycle.

Telecommunication tower, steel monopole tower
Material: China standard material (Q235, Q345)
Treatment: hot-dip galvanized

Performance standard:
Besides conforms to the drawing and design, the materials and fabrication of tower components shall conform to the following standards (Chinese standards DL/T 646-2006 manufacturing technical requirements for transmission and substation and steel tubular structures) and customer's requirements

Welded requirements:
We used CO2 welding and submerged arc auto welding or other methods
Welded seam shall be full penetration and grinded
The welded product has no fissure, scar, overlap, layer or other defects

All components are hot-dip galvanized with uniform

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