——Interview with Han Xiaocong, General Manager of Zhongshan New Universe Lighting Co., Ltd.

How to turn light into a kind of enjoyment? General Manager Han Xiaocong of New Universe Lighting believes that the practice of lighting lighting production in these years tells us that the key lies in the control of materials and the control of the lighting itself. In terms of material control, it is determined not to use inferior materials, especially inferior light sources. The control of the light must be cleverly designed using optical principles.

In the exhibition hall of the new universe, the reporter saw a very pleasing scene: their newly developed ceiling lights created a harmonious and warm light environment. Looking up, we found that the phenomenon that the general ceiling lights are shadowed and the light source can be seen here has disappeared. The reporter asked Han how they solved this problem? Mr. Han said that the designers have done a lot of trials and improvements, and finally achieved such satisfactory results.

The safety of the new cosmic lighting is the first

The new universe lighting attaches great importance to the good raw materials. General Manager Han told reporters that the manufacturing direction of the new universe lighting is the high-end direction, so the original device can only use the original device of the brand manufacturer. Nowadays, some manufacturers have unstable transformer performance, high noise, short life of light source and high heat generation, which does not exist in the new universe. Because the new universe is not allowed to get inferior materials, even if the cost is higher.

"Light is enjoyment, light is art", is the pursuit of the new universe, but also the concept of production. Focusing on this pursuit, we will vigorously launch a series of soft and warm “Gordi Lighting” brand products, thus embarking on a differentiated market. "To do the light, is to make the light a kind of enjoyment.

Keep improving the manufacturing process

Aluminum plate and ultra-white tempered glass are the main raw materials of the new cosmic lighting series, which is not unusual. What is unique is their special handling in the production process, which improves the grade of the product. For example, in general aluminum luminaires, the joints of the frame joints are welded, and the new universe "Gordy" products are all open molds. This is not only safer and more sturdy, but also achieves a natural effect. This kind of structure is more reasonable, and the lamps that look more concise and bright have attracted the attention of many buyers when they appear in the market.