As a traditional program of the Guangzhou neighborhood, the Mid-Autumn Festival of the Cultural Park will be “new meanings” this year. The theme of the Guangzhou Tower with its eight new views of Yangcheng, using a large number of LED luminous materials identical to those of the Canton Tower, will show the public a unique appearance. Mid-autumn lantern festival.

The theme of the lantern festival: The rabbit is the protagonist It is understood that this time the lantern will exhibit 20 sets of large and medium-sized lamp sets with "sound, light and motion" effects. This year is the Year of the Rabbit. There is a saying that "Red rabbits show pilgrimage." Therefore, more than half of the lanterns in the Mid-Autumn Festival of the Cultural Park this year are based on rabbits. For example, “Red rabbits show pilgrimage”, “Bunny leads the show”, “Bunny mother blesses”, “Monkey rabbit legend” and so on. Among them, there is a big red red rabbit in the middle of the “Red Rabbit Ching Cheung” lamp group, accompanied by mascots such as clouds, lanterns, and stars, which shows a good artistic conception.

The shape of the rabbit is also very rich, in addition to the traditional moonlight palace rabbit, innocent rabbit and other lanterns, there are lucky gold rabbits, big rabbits and other cartoon-like light group.

Make light highlights: Mini Canton Tower At the same time, this time the light was built with the Guangzhou Canton Tower as the theme of the Lantern Festival, using advanced lighting materials, and traditional hand-knots, named “Love in Guangzhou”. . The light set uses the same LED light-emitting material as the Canton Tower, and at the same time changes the layers of different colors in the tower, highlighting the dynamic lines of the Canton Tower and creating a lighting effect similar to that of the Canton Tower.

According to Liu Kang, a technician who designed the lanterns in the Cultural Park for 30 years, the highlight of this Mid-Autumn Festival lantern festival is the “Mini Canton Tower” located in the middle of the central square of the Cultural Park. It consists of over 1,000 LED luminous materials and can be truly Guangzhou. Towers change color.

Sun Li, Chief of the Cultural Parks Department of Political Science and Technology, introduced that this miniature Canton Tower is 6.5 meters high and is the tallest light group in this time. It was completed with a height reduction of 650 meters.

Lamp group design: All of them are handmade. In addition to the “Little Canton Tower”, this lantern will exhibit more than 2,000 atmosphere lights, including different topics such as red lanterns, LED meteor lights, etc., to create a scene full of starry lights.

Liu Kang said that this mid-autumn lantern group has been designed since the Lantern Festival this year and it took more than half a year. All lighting designs and productions are made entirely by hand. A total of 6, 7 masters participated.

Environmental protection is also the concept that this lantern festival wants to convey. According to Liu Kang, traditional incandescent lamps use more electricity and consume more electricity. This year, the light group has adopted a large number of highly efficient and energy-saving LED lamps in the form of representation, which accounts for 80% of the total lighting.