[Global Scientific and Technological Report] According to the US media's "USA Today" news on February 7, some US media broke the news that technology giants opposed to US President Trump's immigration policy secretly provided financial support for his inauguration.

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The American political news website “Politico” reported that Microsoft provided funds to the president’s inauguration committee with US$250,000 in cash, technical value of US$250,000, and other methods. Google’s support includes services such as YouTube’s inauguration and cash investment. In addition, Amazon is secretly making cash donations and technological assistance. Although Facebook did not provide cash support to the inaugural committee, it also made some practical contributions, such as setting up a photo studio and providing a small oval office to facilitate the gathering of the participants.

The report said that these supports are all aimed at increasing the influence of companies in the new government, but this may cause dissatisfaction among Silicon Valley scientists. They have long opposed Trump's political decisions, especially the immigration ban.

It is said that in order to please the new government, it has become common for companies to provide donations for inauguration. (Internship compilation: Zhang Man reviewer: Li Zongze)

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