GC Electronics is a world-leading manufacturer of electronic products and accessories. Recently, the company expanded its battery products and launched its industrial battery line. These lead-acid sealed batteries are available in up to 75 models and offer voltage output options including 4V, 6V, 12V and 24V with currents ranging from 1.2 to 230A. The new industrial battery GC electronic these industrial batteries are suitable for a variety of industrial fields, can be used as power drive, safety equipment drive, programmable control logic controller, emergency lighting and communication equipment. The series offers six terminal models with a fire-resistant enclosure that delivers up to 15% more power than competing models. These batteries also have a long service life and good power generation performance, and have passed UL and CE certification. Introduction to GC Electronics: Founded in 1930, GC Electronics has a history of 75 years of industrial production. The company is also one of the oldest and most honest electronics manufacturers in the world. GC Electronics is the first manufacturer and marketer to offer retailers a display rack with packaging products. In addition to industrial battery products, the company also offers a variety of related products, including: switches, connectors, data communications products, chemical products, telephones, computer accessories, audio and video products, wire and wire management, tools, panel lamps , home theater and LED lights. GC Electronics is headquartered in Rockford, USA, at 1801 Morgan Street.